Denim Darling

I wasn’t really into the denim trend. I was a few years ago. I still have my denim jacket and denim vest in my closet. I didn’t think that it suits my tastes now. But I do have a few exceptions. I’m fond of light denim skater skirts, light denim rucksacks, light denim or denim vests with girly details like the vest with lace details and bows at the back that I’m wearing. So yeah, light denims are my thing since they’re kinda pastel colored-ish. But you know, trying out new things is fun

Ombre is a funny word. It always reminds me of the word nombre which I learned from basic spanish. At one point, I was really fascinated with the word. My dad who likes to exercise a lot had a tanline and last year when I saw his tanline, I blurted out “ombre”. Random much? But yeah, I used the word wrong. Sometimes I hear the word “gradient” used instead of ombre. I always use ombre because I always associate gradient with photoshop.

Speaking of ombre, I’d like to thank Paulini Prep and Urban for sending me these ombre tights. Me and my friend have been lusting for one. Well actually it might just be me who’s lusting for one but she said she’d like one too lol. Anyway, their ombre tights are really nice, especially the purple one. :3 Oh and I saw their kitty headband, so cute! Makes me want to make another cat outfit lol.

ROMWE denim with lace details vest; ROMWE leather skirt; Paulini ombre tights