Florals on Florals on Florals

Hey everyone, I’ve been enjoying my long weekend. I couldn’t take new pictures because of the rain so I used my time to play MapleStory with my friend who invited me to play again. And no, I did not use all of my time playing MapleStory, just 85% of the time. Hehe. I’ve been alternating playing and doing some homework in intervals of hours, of course. So yeah, I’m trying to wrap up some school work right now. I hope I can get all this done soon.

Why does my face look different here? Huhu. It’s like I gained a few pounds after a few seconds, lol.

Woooow wind effect on my skirt. Haha. I’m wearing another florals on florals outfit but this time it’s florals on florals on florals lol. I used subtle print this time because I feel it looks lovelier. I didn’t have the chance to take pictures without the blazer and have the shirt tucked out because the rain started to pour even harder so I gave up lol. I love how the lace shirt and skirt looked like a dress in this ensemble.

SM GTW lace floral shirt; SM GTW pleated floral skirt; SM GTW floral black blazer; Payless heels