Hey everyone, this is my Halloween costume. Just kidding, but my friends did tease me that this outfit was my Halloween outfit when we ate out. I’ll be posting the food we ate sooner or later. We ate at Ajisen Ramen. I’ll also show you my What Does the Fox Say outfit that I intended for Halloween next week.

Oh and one my friend helped me take photos of this outfit, she took the ones that were in the brighter area excluding the last one. But of course, all edits were done by me.

This is one more addition to my small amount of cool chic looks. I forgot to talk about this but I categorize my styles into “Sweet Asian” and “Cool Chic”. My Sweet Asian looks are for my outfits that are pastel, classy or sweet. My Cool Chic looks are labeled as Cool Chic if they’re edgier than usual or have a hint of punk or rock.

I really like crop tops like these! The cutouts makes me like them even more, I own another crop top similar to the one I’m wearing here. You can check it out on my Lady in Pastels outfit and my Lady in Leather outfit.

I’ve worn ZeroUV Sunglasses before in my Once Upon A Time outfit. A lot of my friends who saw me wearing this pair of sunglasses really liked these sunglasses. I think it’s a universal style, whether it be for a girl or a guy. I heard that’s also a popular choice of sunglasses among other bloggers. Plus, I can wear it all year round because of the sunny weather we have in the Philippines. 

ZeroUV round metal black and gold sunglasses; Romwe cutout riveted crop top; Topshelf Apparel Manila black velvet skirt with gold cross prints; Mart of China gold tied-up shoes