Lady in Leather

Yes this title is a spin off of my look Lady In Pastels. This day was definitely a good hair day! Even with only a few hours of sleep, spending hours at school and sleeping at the car, my hair was still intact when I got home. And this is without any styling products! Maybe I should brush my hair less lol. I can’t seem to find my brush and it’s weird because it’s a big paddle brush. So I use my comb instead. I have a friend who shares the same experience, she had straight when she combs her hair but it turns into a bed of waves if she doesn’t brush after taking a bath.

Well what do we have here, it’s a little doggy.

Whoopsie daisy.

Noooo my clothes have dog hair now. -_-

My good hair day immediately turned bad when I had to chase my dog, Bruha. Some cat caught her attention and she ran away so I had to chase her. Sigh. Nowadays, I rarely get a good hair day. Since it’s going to get colder soon or at least I hoping so, I brought out the knits last time but now I brought out the leather as well for fall. And of course, my love for pastels is comparable to my love for black and white outfits

SM GTW off-white scallop hem cutout crop top; Romwe black leather skater skirt; Forever 21 black and white leather blazer; Mart of China black and white bow heels