Sukimoko Katipunan

This food roundup’s Japanese restaurant is Sukimoko in Katipunan which is located near National Book Store. I forgot the pricings but if memory serves me right, they cost below 100 pesos for each dish. I’ll try to remember to list down the prices next time. I still have a lot food posts queued up though. Overall, I liked the food there. I would say that I would go back for their chicken teriyaki.

Chicken Teriyaki 
I really liked their chicken teriyaki bento with veggies (spring onions and bean sprouts) but sadly it was my friend who ordered them so I only got a bite or two.

The one I ordered for myself was the yakisoba noodles with veggie toppings which was served last. By the time I got to eat it, I was pretty full so my judgment maybe hazy when I say that it tasted bland.

California Maki
The california maki sushi was normal but not in a bad way. After all, I am a fan of california maki.