Once Upon A Time

Hmm, I don’t really have anything interesting to say since nothing much happened so I’ll let the photos interest you instead. I mean, I did mix it up with my poses this time. But in case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this sem break, I’ve been going out the house all week long. And by going out of the house, I mean going out to my parents’ office and helping out with their work. Sort of like a bring your daughter to work day that my parents enjoy doing but instead of just a day, it’s going to last for the entire sem break lol.

So while I was post-processing the photos, my sister was wondering how I got our dog, Bruha, to cooperate with our photoshoot. My answer was that I didn’t. I spent around half an hour just trying to get her to pose like I wanted. In the end, I decided to make do with the photos I had and just crop them since she was moving around too much.

This shirt is just so cute! It’s where I got this post’s title. Not sure if you’ve noticed it from the photos but my color palette for this look is white, silver and gray. Actually, I’m not sure if my skirt is silver-gray or just a shiny gray skirt. Sorry I couldn’t show it but my oxfords are glittery silver. Oh and by the way, this is my second time wearing tattoo tights so forgive me if you think that I wore it wrong. But yeah, I did wear it wrong. I realized too late that the top design with the crosses and stuff wasn’t aligned in the center. Whoops.

Oh and I found some affordable and unique sunglasses! They’re from ZeroUV! They sent me a total of four sunglasses, the two other sunglasses are in different outfit posts. They cost around $10 each. I’ve always been fascinated with round glasses so I actually chose three round sunglasses but each with different designs. The sunglasses I’m wearing here is my top pick. I find it to be a little steampunk-ish, just a little because of the gold frame and color scheme. I’ll also wear the round sunnies that Bruha is wearing but I really wanted to us to match by wearing round sunnies. I really love the sunglasses I got, they’re even more beautiful in actual and Bruha agrees too!

ZeroUV gold metal lace cutout sunglasses; Romwe white “once upon a time” loose shirt; Romwe nude wings and chain tattoo tights; silver-gray organza puffy skirt; black leather heart cutout gloves; silver glitter oxfords