Hey so I’m almost done with my finals week, I just need to wrap up some things then I’m free. It may not look like it but these photos were actually taken at school. It looks like I’m in a park though. After this photoshoot, I went to eat with my friend at Pancake House. I don’t usually wear expensive brands though since I’m saving up my money but these shoes were a gift from my brother. Lucky me, right? hehe. Oh and speaking of gifts, it’s my birthday month and I thought that a giveaway was the perfect way to celebrate with my fans.

I just had love this ring, when I saw this, I thought that I just had to have it. I have a thing for rose accessories. I used to have a bracelet that had a similar rose design to this ring’s rose design. I wanted to get a nail ring too so I chose this 2 in 1 finger ring and nail ring.

Dualshine specializes in selling jewelry with affordable prices and offer even cheaper price for wholesale orders. They ship worldwide and they offer free shipping for orders above $18. The materials they use are high quality and I just love their designs, especially the designs I chose. Hehe. Ever since I got my “love” bracelet, I haven’t been able to stop wearing it.

Dualshine blue ombre bib necklace; Dualshine black and gold love bracelet; Dualshine rose ring and nail ring; Jamy cream knit cargidan; Forever 21 black lace dress; Valentino black lace espadrilles with cream crochet toecap; Romwe white quilted satchel;