This is my new favorite cardigan. But honestly, if I didn’t lose my old black cardigan from Romwe, I wouldn’t need a new favorite. Yeah, I’m still not over that lost. I gave up trying to find it but it’s really making me frustrated but hopefully this new knit cardigan will fill up that empty void.

My primary reasons for choosing this blouse is because of its beautiful intricate lace pattern and its elegant look. I only noticed how beautiful shape of the blouse is when I first worn it. I especially like the silhouette it gives out when I wear this blouse. What makes this blouse beautiful is its lace pattern, the design definitely makes the elegance of the blouse shine through. But because this blouse is so flexible, the style you can wear it with is not only limited to being elegant. Depending on what you pair it with, it can look casual, elegant, sweet, sexy and more! Although when I look at the white blouse alone, the first thing I would think is that it is sweet or elegant whereas the black lace blouse leans towards a sexy look. Since I prefer a sweet style, I opted for the white lace blouse instead of the black one. I usually wear this lace blouse with a sweet style and occasionally with a casual look. I wore this lace blouse to school and I like it best when I wear it outdoors during a sunny day because the light makes the white lace design much more beautiful!

Oh and get me started on these pants, they are too cute! They’re even dyed in pink. *Swoon*. They’re just like wearing shorts except they reveal less but they trick the into thinking that you’re revealing just as much.

Final exams have really out me out of my game. I just noticed that my post proccessing of my recent outfit photos were a little bit off. Haha. Anyway I will start updating and queueing my food posts and wishlist wednesdays again. Oh and it’s raining giveaways again this month on my blog because it’s my birthmonth. Gimme them gifts. Teehee.

Romwe pink oversize knit v-neck buttoned cardigan; Romwe white long sleeved lace crochet embroidered blouse; Romwe red acid washed jeans with bow cutouts; Brown heeled ankle booties; Hemp drawstring backpack