Ahh, coffee. Nothing can be more satisfying than a cup of coffee, especially after a long day. A lot of new ways to enjoy coffee has been popping up in Manila such as third wave coffee and nitrogen infused coffee, and it seems as though nothing can stop the coffee culture from growing here in the Philippines. Such is the case in Café Barbera’s arrival in Manila.

Embodying the taste of Italy’s coffee, every cup of aromatic Barbera coffee brings in 145 years of tradition passed from six generations of coffee roasters.

Interior-wise, it is simple with a touch of modern notes mixed with earthy vibes surrounding their beautifully arrayed selection of in-house coffee products.


To match their coffee is their of savory dishes. Isaac loved the sauce of their pasta with meatballs while I savored the vegetarian lasagna. I usually avoid eggplant but their lasagna made it seem like I was not consuming vegetables at all! The scrumptious sauce paired with the generous amount of pure gooey mozzarella cheese made the vegetable lasagna all too good.

My sweet tooth says I have to try their sweets. The strawberry shake was standard but their strawberry panna cotta? Glorious! I mean glorious! My thesis revolved around panna cotta and Isaac was the chef and we both know what we’re talking about when we say that their strawberry panna cotta is a must-try. Let me tell you why. Imagine a sweet strawberry section paired with plain vanilla custard topped with strawberry. Wait, there’s more, the topmost section of the custard seems like it was so held together so as to create a chewy texture but dig deep into the custard and you have a fluffy heaven awaiting you which makes you wonder how it has kept its shape. After a few bites, we wondered how fast had we consumed the panna cotta, and we could not help but praise this delicious Italian dessert and ask for more.

To say that their coffee is good is an understatement. To truly appreciate the masterpiece that is the Barbera coffee that has been culminated for 145 years and passed on to baristas who have been trained by the founder Domenico, we must first look back into the respect, reverence and passion poured into truly authentic Italian coffee.

Café Barbara has preserved the tradition brought by each cup of perfect Italian espresso which can clearly be seen in their hand-brewed coffee. It was not strong per se which I like and their coffee had body. Deeply aromatic, the first sip of their coffee left me my tongue with a robust taste.
When it comes to coffee, each of us have our own preferences. It’s coincidental that Isaac and I have the same taste when it comes to coffee. Café Barbera’s coffee will definitely be enjoyed by those who prefer simple yet aromatic coffee.

Altogether, it truly is a different experience compared to the coffee shops around. Slow paced and a solace for inner peace thanks to its cozy interior with earthy tones, Café Barbera offers a sense of appreciation for the simplicity embodied not only through their classic coffee but through the entire dining experience as well. If you ever need a break from the complications of life, then Café Barbera is the perfect haven to just relax, to revisit the deep and intricate history of coffee that Italy has to offer and most importantly, to have a fine cup of coffee.

Café Barbera is located at the ground floor of Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.