Dear Dreamers
I have been into natural skincare products recently so it only makes sense that I would look to having my baby use natural products. Today, I will be sharing my experience with the line of breastfeeding essentials from Tiny Buds. I have been using their laundry detergent for babies since my baby was around a month. It was Isaac who first saw the Tiny Buds detergent and I think he bought it because of the cute design and I was drawn to the cuteness as well.

I received a box of Tiny Buds breastfeeding essentials and my baby beat me to unboxing it haha!

There are four products in the line of breastfeeding essentials namely the Tiny Buds Natural Wipes, Tiny Buds Mommy’s Hand Sanitizer, Tiny Buds Silicone Baby Bottle Brush and Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash.

The Tiny Buds Natural Wipes, unlike some baby wipes I’ve tried, does not contain fragrance. With a light and slightly odd scent, the wipes do not stinky at all despite the absence of fragrance. It kind of smells like fruit because part of its ingredients are fruit extracts.

The panda design is too cute and my baby loves it too! Actually, the panda design signifies their partnership with WWF-Philippines where a percentage of the proceeds from the Tiny Buds website is donated to WWF-Philippines.

I have a baby bottle cleaner brush but this one from Tiny Buds has a lot of features that I never knew I needed. My old one only has a sponge at the end but this one can be detached several ways. The sponge brush and silicon brush are interchangeable but best of all, the end of the brush can be unscrewed to be used as a bottle nipple cleaner. I used to have a hard time cleaning the bottle nipple but now, cleaning it is a breeze.

Of course, to go along with the baby bottle brush is their utensil wash. The first difference compared to other baby bottle and utensil wash I noticed was it had a thicker consistency, almost like a gel. The thicker formula helps clean the bottles and utensils better.

A baby bottle and utensil wash is one of the things every breastfeeding mom should have especially if she pumps. The reason is because aside from cleaning bottles and utensils, the wash can be used to clean toys, fruits and even breasts after feeding to safely clean off the area.

Of course, I think that the leaf shaped dispenser is just too cute as well, I would definitely reuse the container just because of the leaf design (lol).

My favorite one is probably the hand sanitizer for moms. Oh, how I wish I had this right after she was born. As a paranoid mom, I would have used this to ask friends and families to use this before touching or holding my baby who was a newborn back then.

Aside from that, I was advised to use alcohol on my hands before changing my baby’s diaper. I wished I had the Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer back then because I felt like alcohol was drying my skin back then and that maybe the alcohol might rub off on my baby.

With the frequency of pooping and feeding a breastfed newborn does, it is no doubt a necessity to have clean hands all the time.

I love how mild the scent of the hand sanitizer is and how watery it is. It kind of looks like water because of its transparency in color and runniness.

Containing no harmful chemicals, these breastfeeding essentials are made only of natural ingredients which makes it super gentle, perfect for my little one. I love that it keeps in mind mommies and not just babies. Of course, what I really like about it and what first caught my eye was their super cute packaging and I’m sure my baby loves it just as much because she kept taking the Tiny Buds products away from me. All in all, I highly recommend these Tiny Buds breastfeeding essentials to moms who only want the best for their little one.

To learn more about Tiny Buds and their line of natural products, visit their website at tinybudsbaby.com or visit them on Facebook at FB.com/tinybuds.