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One of the things advised me to use for my baby was cloth diapers or as they called it, lampin. I tried using their version of cloth diapers but I found it a tad too inconvenient. You had to hold the lampin together with fasteners that had pointy parts to hold the lampin together. However, that was not what I found inconvenient. It was that the lampinwas too thin to hold my baby’s poop.

Luckily, after sticking to disposable diapers, we found cloth diapers that were super handy. It had snap buttons to adjust the size to fit a 7lb baby to around a 35lb baby. In short, it had the comfort of cloth diapers but performs beyond the performance of disposable diapers.
One of the problems I had was these diaper rashes. These cloth diapers had a comfy fleece layer inside to keep my baby’s but dry.

It also had different thickness of highly absorbent inserts. There were thick ones and there were thin ones, which can be bought separate from the cloth diapers. The cloth diapers do come with inserts already but if you need more then you can buy them separately which we did.

What I really love about these, is that they come in such cute designs!

Disposable diapers are expensive as we’ve come to discover which is why we use a mix of disposable diapers and cloth diapers. We use the cloth diapers when we’re just at home. Of course, the cloth diapers and disposable diapers each have their own upsides and downsides. For the cloth diapers, you’ll have to wash them thoroughly.
We use a pail of warm water and dip the dirty diaper in it but our place is so small that sometimes it seems impractical. Sometimes, it piles up because we’re always at our resto or we’re too busy.
I don’t know how big my baby will be once she’s potty trained but I was thinking that maybe she’ll still fit the cloth diapers and use it as an underwear since she’s so slim. Some moms already have their baby potty trained at 7 months so maybe that’s more applicable to them.

My baby was really tiny when she came out so when she was around 2 months. She was still so small but because of the adjustability of the cloth diapers, imagination played a key role in finding a way for the cloth diaper to fit my tiny baby then.

No Paraben, no alcohol, no chlorine and no harsh chemicals, these wipes are perfect for my baby because of its gentleness. I use a number of wipes and all of them are gentle for my baby. These wipes in particular are infused with aloe vera, known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Next9 cloth diapers (set of 3) P1,000
Organic Baby Wipes 30 wipes, pack of 6 P410

Imagine the last months of your pregnancy, you’re tired all the time and a lot of things ache. You would rather stay at home and cuddle with a book (or your phone) but you remember that you have lots to buy and prepare for your bundle of joy. What do you do? You go online shopping, of course! Even now that my baby is here, I’m tempted to get all my needs online because I don’t feel well all the time.

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