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Let’s face it, most of us girls can’t resist the idea of miniature sized objects. The smaller it is, the cuter, right? Today’s review and giveaway is all about minis from Tupperware Brands newest line of Tupperware Minis. Yes, you heard it right, I’m finally doing the giveaway I was talking about. Apologies it took a while, I have not been feeling well recently.

Before I tell you about the giveaway, I’ll tell you a bit about the Tupperware Minis.

1. Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Daytime Siren (P399)
2. Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Pretty in Pink (P399)
3. Armand Dupree Rollette 10mL (P245)
4. Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist Pomegranate & Green Tea (P175)
5. Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist Blackberry & Bay (P175)
6. Blaze Jersey #23 Pocket Mist (P245)
7. Blaze Jersey #21 Pocket Mist (P245)
8. Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set (P470)
9. Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set (P450)
10. 310mL Eco Bottle (P199)

The prices above are the regular prices but if you check the Tupperware Brands brochure, you’ll see that they have special prices. The Armand Dupree Rollette was at only P59!

You know how much I love the Baby Care Plus+ Pink if you have read my Baby Care Plus+ Pink review. It’s perfect little princesses and the smell is lovely. Lucky for us moms, they come in miniature sizes, perfect for traveling! Up until now, I still use the Baby Care Plus+ Pink and me and my husband love how wonderful it smells on our baby. The set contains bath, lotion and powder which are everything we would need for your baby’s hygiene while we are on the go.

What’s great about the Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette is that there are various styles to it. You can easily switch from Daytime Siren for work to Pretty in Pink for a party because the mini makeup palettes are compact, containing 3 eyeshadows and 1 blush. It even comes with detailed instructions on how to create the look while using the built-in mirror. My only wish is that it had an applicator to go with it but I guess that would make the palette bulky so applying with the hands it is.

As a breastfeeding mom, bringing water when I go outside has always been essential. Sometimes, I only go out for a short time so I want to pack light but then there are times I wish I had brought water with me because I am suddenly thirsty. Which is why this eco bottle is the perfect size for when I go out for a short time and it fits my tiny backpack as well! You would be surprised at how much I could fit in that tiny backpack, at least the people I met at events were. I had my camera, diapers, baby wipes, baby food, nursing cover, two phones and more! Now, I can add the eco bottle to the set (haha), but I will have to remove the camera (oh, how I am wishing for a new tiny and light camera).

I used the brush I usually use in applying eyeshadow and the eyeshadow blends beautifully, making it perfect for achieving gorgeous looks.

Perfect for the hot weather that keeps us sweating here in the Philippines is the fruity blooms pocket mist. True to its name, the pocket mists smell delightfully fruity! I absolutely love the scent, it’s mild and sweet smelling, perfect for everyday use as well as after a workout. I think it would be nice to apply it on the roots of my hair too. Being compact makes it easy to bring everywhere to help us smell good all day long!

Like the fruity blooms mist, the Armand Dupree Rollette is fruity scented as well but in a more sophisticated manner. It comes in a rollette container which allows the user to rub the scent onto the pulse points such as the wrists, neck and armpits. Kidding, armpits are not included (haha).

Isaac has been bugging me if I had colognes for men and when he found out that I had some Blaze Jersey Pocket Mists, he immediately wanted to try it out. For me, this is really perfect for men because most guys like my husband do not like carrying bags and if they do, they would prefer bring small ones.

Tupperware was introduced in the Philippines in 1966 and has since become a household name, changing the lives of millions of Filipinos through its world-class products and the limitless income opportunities it offers. Find out more about Tupperware on their website.

Alrighty, without further ado, time for the giveaway! One winner from the Philippines will win a set of Tupperware Minis containing the items in the next section, courtesy of our friends from Tupperware Brands Philippines. The winner will pick up the prize at a Tupperware Brands branch and the giveaway will end on October 20, 2017.

1. Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Daytime Siren (P399)
2. Armand Dupree Rollette 10mL (P245)
3. Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist Pomegranate & Green Tea (P175)
4. Blaze Jersey #23 Pocket Mist (P245)
5. Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set (P470)
6. Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set (P450)
7. 310mL Eco Bottle (P199)

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