Answer19+ Korean Derma Cosmetic Brand Try On and Review

Answer19+, a Korean beauty brand focusing on sensitivity-oriented Derma cosmetics, recently sent me a couple of samples from their Anti-Blemish Line, Cica Cream Line, and Real Ampoule Line. Answer19+ utilizes plant-derived ingredients to provide a stabilized formula that minimizes skin irritation.

With maskne, or mask acne running rampant, people with acne-prone skin types need to start using products that aim to soothe the skin. Answer19+ has an anti-blemish line that aims to address acne-related skin problems which is suitable for dry and oily skin types. Some of their anti-acne products contain an anti-inflammatory property which is what you need if you want to address your maskne.

Answer19+ Anti-Blemish Line Key Ingredients
Ovalicine: contains anti-inflammatory effects; patented raw materials produced by special fermentation method of Cordyceps.
Tea Tree Leaf: controls excessive sebum
Salicylic Acid: reduces excess sebum and waste on the pores
Beta-Glucan, Glycerin: improves skin moisture and prevents dryness

Answer19+ Anti-Blemish Clarifying Foam Cleanser
Description: It is a foam cleanser for acne-prone skin, it thoroughly cleanses pores. It is safe to use on sensitive skin and it is KFDA-approved as a high performing skincare product that reduces acne.

Key Ingredient: Salicylic Acid (0.5%)

Review: Personally, I prefer using cleansing oils for my oily, acne-prone skin since I like that it leaves my skin with some oil. However, if you're not fond of cleansing oils, you can try this Answer 19+ Anti Blemish Clarifying Foam Cleanser. It's a foam cleanser made to soothe acne. Unlike other foam cleansers, this one doesn't dry the skin and it doesn't leave my skin feeling too tight.

I've shied away from using foam cleansers because the foam cleansers I used before made my skin feel tight like it was dried out. However, this foam cleanser from Answer 19+ cleansed my skin without drying it out.

Answer19+ Anti-Blemish Peeling Eraser Cotton Swab
Description: It contains a soft, sanitary swab that is five times larger than a regular cotton swab. It deeply cleanses while eliminating blackheads and dead skin waste. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable even for sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients: AHA, BHA and PHA.

Review: I love how gentle this chemical exfoliator is on the skin. The cotton swab is pretty convenient for traveling or exfoliating on-the-go because the cotton swab will keep your hands from touching your face. Depending on how much you use, each sachet could be used twice if you squeeze out the excess. You can use a cotton pad, cotton bud or your finger to get peeling solution off the sachet on your next use. The cotton swab they use is bigger, softer and thicker than your usual cotton bud so if you do decide to use a cotton bud, it's probably not going to be as gentle as the cotton swab.

After washing off the peeling solution, the dead skin cells were gone. My skin didn't turn red and it wasn't irritated either. I’ve seen products that use both AHA and BHA but this is my first time trying a product with AHA, BHA and PHA. 

Note: The cotton swab was a little pink because of the blush I was wearing. I usually don't wear heavy makeup, just blush and lip tint to give me a little color.

Answer19+ Real Ampoule Line
Featuring highly concentrated intensive care ampoules that contain essential ingredients, the products from the Answer19+ Real Ampoule Line provide rejuvenation to tired skin. It is a well-optimized and customized solution for skin problems.

Answer19+ Real Propolis Ampoule
Key Ingredients: Propolis Extract (52%)

Review: It's thicker than the usual ampoule, it's almost like honey but it's not as viscous. It's not sticky at all but it does take slightly longer for the skin to absorb it if you apply more of it on the skin. When I apply creams, I can sort of feel it on my skin after applying it, this ampoule gives off a similar feeling. This ampoule is perfect for those who like the feeling of creams but are not compatible with creams. 

It didn't clog my pores and when I massage it, it emanated a warm feeling.

If you apply a thicker layer, you can use the Real Propolis Ampoule before applying your foundation to create a dewy makeup finish like the ones that Koreans have.

Answer19+ Realtox Lifting Concentrate Ampoule
Description: With 5 major facial wrinkle test completed, the Answer19+ Realtox Lifting Concentrate Ampoule resulted in aiding in facial wrinkle improvement.

Key Ingredients:
Realtox: is a natural extract complex that reduces wrinkle formation, it composes of Guava extract, Garlic extract, Black Tea extract, and Smooth Loofah extract.
Desert Rose Leaf Cell Extract: is native to the desert area of Israel, Jordan, and Sinai. A mysterious plant that has been dry for decades and blooms when comes in contact with water to retain vitality. It is called “Oasis of the Desert” and it provides powerful moisture retention on the skin.
Gold Ginseng Extract: Ginseng is a key nutrient of saponin (Ginsenoside), vitamins, minerals and known to be rich in calcium and other minerals. It is known to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity while strengthening the skin.

Review: The Answer 19+ Realtox Ampoule Lifting Concentrate is light and non-sticky, my skin quickly absorbed it. It left my skin looking revitalized. As for the results, I think I’ll need more time before I can fully share the results with you since I’ve only used it twice but it definitely looks promising, especially since it contains a lot of powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients.

Update: When it comes to skincare, my philosophy is prevention over treatment and that goes the same when it comes to wrinkles. I've wanted to use anti-aging products for the longest time now but I was told that it wouldn't be suitable for my skin. My laugh lines really bother me and I feel like it makes me look older. I couldn't use the anti-aging creams because they weren't suitable for my skin. I could apply them only on my laugh lines.

However, with this ampoule, I could even apply it on my entire face. It was light on the skin as opposed to how an anti-aging cream would feel. It's packed with ingredients great for anti-aging and it would be a great product to use if you want to keep those wrinkles away and prevent or at least slow down the development of wrinkles.

Watch my video and check out the samples. I also tried on one of the ampoule and the cotton swab.

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