BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Foam, Pad, Capsule Ampoule, Serum and Cream Review

Carrot seed oil and cica are both known to repair the skin, both of these soothing ingredients have come together in BellaMonster’s line of Stress Out Solution to create a line of skincare that gives the skin a boost of intensive soothing. When it comes to skincare, prevention is always better than treatment. If you’re dealing with maskne, you would definitely want to prevent it and you could do that by adding skincare products that have anti-inflammatory properties such BellaMonster’s line of Stress Out Solution skincare products.

Carrot Seed Oil
Carrot seed oil is known for its anti-aging properties and its ability to help mend the skin while treating sun damage and other damage due to external factors such as pollution.

Cica or centella asiatica has been popular in K-Beauty skincare products and with good reason too because this wonder ingredient is perfect for sensitive skin and is known for its anti-inflammatory property. Not only does it soothe the skin but it also repairs it.

BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Foam
Upon opening the BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Foam, a soothing scent filled my nose. The scent was almost therapeutic, soothing my nerves. It smelled like essential oils. I was expecting the foam cleanser to be opaque and white like the usual cleanser but to my surprise, it was transparent in color. That's not all that's different about this foam cleanser. Unlike other foam cleansers, this foam cleanser doesn't froth, it foams a bit after massaging it on my skin but the foam is quick to dissipate when you stop massaging it.

I'm not a fan of foam cleansers because the foam cleansers I used to use dried my skin out. However, this foam cleanser is not harsh at all, it cleansed my skin well but it also left my skin feeling slightly moisturized.

Texture-wise, this foam cleanser is gel-like.

I love how this cleanser has centella, it's my first time using a cleanser that has centella since it's usually used in moisturizers. Apart from that, this cleanser contains 4 types of oil namely carrot seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and macadamia seed oil. If I had to use a cleansing foam regularly, this would be on top of my list since it's so gentle on my skin because of the oils and centella.

BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Pad
I wish the BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Pad were more gentle on the skin but it seems that these pads were intended to be used as a light exfoliator. You could also do what I did, I just lightly dabbed the pads on my face. You could also use it as a toner mask on the trouble areas that need more soothing. My trouble area is on my nose where the nose pads of eyeglasses aggravate my skin.

Double Cleansing
If you use both the foam cleanser and the pads, it's almost like double cleansing since using the pads can clean and tone the skin at the same time.

BellaMonster D-day Solution Hyaluronic Capsule & Cica Ampoule
It was fun to mix and use the D-day Solution Hyaluronic Capsule & Cica Ampoule. It can be used twice if it's only for the face but it can be used up in one go if you apply it on both the face and neck. Its effect is like using a sheet mask except the results come out instantly. If you don't have time to use a sheet mask, you could use this instead. It's like a booster shot for the skin, providing intensive soothing care.

My skin felt super moisturized. It was slightly sticky too. My stressed-out skin looked rejuvenated, I could actually end the routine here since the results look good. It's definitely a perfect product for a quick pick-me-up for stressed-out skin. As the name suggests, I would save this for D-Day, for when you need to look all glammed up for an event.

If you can't get enough of Hyaluronic Acid, then you'll love this capsule because it is made of 81% pure hyaluronic acid.

BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Serum
Lightweight, easily absorbed, and non-sticky, the BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Serum left my skin moisturized. It's not that viscous which makes it easy to spread

BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Cream
I have oily skin so I'm not really a fan of creams but as creams go this one is pretty light on the skin. It's something I would regularly use on my neck. As for my face, I'll stick to using it at night when it's colder.

The texture is creamy yet it's surprisingly light on my skin. It's not sticky or greasy either and my skin quickly absorbed it, leaving a thin barrier. For a cream, it is so refreshing to use, I'm almost tempted to use it as part of my daytime skincare routine.

I started the routine with the following arrangement: foam cleanser, pad, capsule ampoule, serum, and cream.

No doubt, my skin has been stressed out the past few days because I was unable to get a good night's sleep. My toddler kicks in her sleep and I'm always on the receiving end of these kicks which constantly wakes me up. After using all five products, my skin looked rejuvenated for the whole day, complete with glowing glass skin. I took this photo right after using all of the products on my skin.

I like how they allocated a space where you can write the date you opened the products on the products itself.

Where to Get it
You can get the BellaMonster Stress Out Solution skincare products at StyleKorean

Thank you so much StyleKorean for gifting me these BellaMonster products.