Hayejin Korean Skincare: Sheet Mask and Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream Review

Utilizing the vitality of nature, Hayejin boasts of nature-infused cosmetics that provide beauty and protection while maintaining harmony and balance. Their love for harmony and balance is evident even in their products' packaging.

Gentle cosmetics
To harness the purity of nature, Hayejin manufactures mild Korean skincare with nature-derived ingredients while minimizing the inclusion of artificial, chemical-based ingredients.

Cuddle of Flowers Pink Moisturizing Sheet Mask
Description: Vitamin B5 Pink Moisture Care
Key Ingredients: Damask Rose and Tahiti Complex
Functions: Revitalizes and moisturizes
Price: P150

Tahiti Complex: Gardenia Taitenis Flower, Plumeria Alba Flower, Nymphaea Alba Flower, Plumeria rubra Flower, Hibiscus Flower, Fagraea Berteroana Flower, and Cananga Odorata Flower.

Cuddle of Tea Tree Green Calming Sheet Mask
Description: Tea Tree Oil Calming Care
Key Ingredients: Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Centella Asiatica
Function: soothes sensitive skin
Price: P150

Cuddle of Jeju Oxygen Water Blue Vitalizing Sheet Mask
Description: Jeju Oxygen Water and Seaweed Firming Care
Key ingredients: Pure Jeju Oxygen Water and Jeju Seaweed Complex
Function: Nourishes and protects the skin from harmful aggressors
Price: P150

Sheet Mask Review
I love how gentle the material of the mask is on the skin. It also looks like a second skin because of the translucency of the mask. It has a second sheet for easier application, it minimizes the bubbles formed under the sheet mask. You can watch my video at the end of this post if you want to find out how I applied the sheet mask. 

So far, I've tried the cuddle of flowers sheet mask because it was the prettiest. The essence from the sheet mask is light and non-sticky, it left my skin moisturized.

Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream
Description: Firming cream that contains the power tenacious sprouts to help boost skin resilience.
Function: Brightening and Anti-wrinkle
Price: P1490

1. Lotus Seed Germ Extract and botanical sprouts: provide intense moisture and resilience-boosting care.
2. Ingredients extracted from wild resurrection plants of the desert
3. Shea Butter
4. Centella Asiatica Extract
5. Sprout Complex: Rapeseed Sprout, Wheat sprout, Sophora Japonica Sprout, and Broccoli sprout
6. Arbutin and Adenosine: brightens the skin.

Texture-wise, the Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream is a lot like pudding. It's quite thick and it reminds me of my sleeping packs because of its heaviness and pudding-like texture. Surprisingly, it does not feel sticky at all. It takes quite a while for my skin to absorb the cream but it seems to be intended that way. It's supposed to create a moisture barrier for the skin, and it did.

I have oily, acne-prone skin so I tend to avoid creams. However, this cream didn't clog my pores and I woke with my skin looking dewy. I'd rather use this at night, before sleeping but only when the season is cold like it is right now. If you have dry skin, then it would probably be beneficial for you to use this given its intensive moisturizing feature.

Check out my Hayejin video and watch me try the skincare products.

For more information about Hayejin, visit their Facebook page on: www.facebook.com/Hayejin.Gl.


  1. Me too momshie I never use cream I just don't like 😅 .. and I would love to try their sheetmask

    1. Hope you get to try it soon! I might include one of the masks as part of my next giveaway. ;)


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