May Your Rainy Days End with Rainbows that Never End [Althea Turns 5]

May your rainy days end with rainbows that never end.
I came up with this phrase with the hope that everything will be better and in hopes of never letting that hope diminish.

I love this year's Althea birthday theme. Rainbows are a symbol of hope and hope is something everyone needs right now. Hope that everything will be alright, hope that everything will be better.

If you're doing well right now, I hope you can spread positivity to those who really need some right now. That's what I think Althea is trying to communicate right now. Spread the magic, spread the positivity.

This is my entry to the Althea Turns 5 contest. Prior to receiving my Althea purchase, I already made some preparations ahead of time, in case I get my box late. I and Baby Q painted balloons from which I cut from discarded cardboard boxes.

I folded some stars too to make the cotton clouds prettier.

As for my DIY rainbow card, I turned it into a ref magnet. As for the stickers that came with the Rainbow Box, Baby Q was a little impatient, she immediately used it and stuck them inside the box before I could take a photo of it.

Who wouldn't want to win a shopping spree right? I want to win so badly, not just for myself but for my followers too. If I win and Althea allows me to, I would love to allocate a part of the prize as part of my blog giveaway. I think this is the best way I can spread positivity, to pass on the magic.

Check out Althea's blog and read about how you can win a one-year K-Beauty shopping spree!

Congratulations to Michelle Tumulak for winning my K-Beauty Giveaway! Kindly send me a message on my Facebook page.

I won as one of the consolation prize winners, you can check out my prize in my Winning a One-Year Supply of Sheet Masks from Althea Korea post.


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