Php299 Automatic Hair Curler Review & Tips on How to Use It

Curling my hair has been no walk in a park for me but after buying an automatic hair curler, curling my hair has never been easier and less frustrating. For those who struggle with curling your hair like i did, read on.

Why I Got A Cheap Automatic Hair Curler
Being the frugal person that I am, I chose to get a cheap one. Why? Because I don't want to buy an expensive one where there's a 50-50 chance that I might even be able to get the hang of using it.

Of course, there are some risks in getting a cheap one. They don't offer a warranty, unlike the more expensive ones which offer a one-year warranty. However, at least I know now that I find the automatic hair curler easy to use so I can invest in a more expensive one if the cheap one does break down. However, the one I bought looks promising and won't seem to break down any time soon (fingers crossed).

If it does last more than a year then I might get another one. 

Newbie at Curling my Hair
When it comes to curling my hair, I am a total noob. Okay, not totally but almost totally. I have a few experience from my first curling iron which I bought from the department store and I got a lot of tips. It's just that my execution did not go so well.

CanvasS Before Buying
When it comes to online shopping in an online shopping platform like Shopee, I usually take the time to canvass. I don't just grab the cheapest priced item I see, especially if it belongs to the electronics category. Getting an electronic item can be a headache if you get a defective item. This is why I always check the buyer rating to see how often do buyers get defective items and if the sellers are responsive. I got my automatic hair at a store where one of the buyer ratings said that the seller refunded her money for the defective unit.

My Review
These are my thoughts, coming from someone who can't curl her hair well:
1. It's so easy to curl my hair using the automatic hair curler.
2. It does need a little practicing before you can get the hang of using it but it's so much easier than the curling iron I used to use.
3. My curls look a lot neater than it did with my old curling iron because the automatic hair curler spins on its own, unlike my curling iron where I have to manually wrap my hair around the curling iron.
4. Once you get the hang of using the automatic hair curler, you can try going for different styles of curls. It's definitely achievable. As you can see in the photo, both sides of my hair have different styles.

1. Blow-dry your hair before using the curler to seal the cuticles.
2. Use a styling product to protect your hair.
3. If you're going to curl larger sections of hair, keep it on the curler for around 20 seconds. Try not to make the sections too large.
4. For smaller sections or smaller amounts of hair, keep it on the curler for around 10-15 seconds, depending on the thickness.
5. Section your hair before you start curling so you don't miss out on other parts.

6. Check the photo above. For my long hair, I prefer curling my hair with that amount of hair.
7. Try to clamp you hair in between two or three of the pink sticks (I don't know how to call it).
8. Slightly pull your hair while holding the ends after inserting your hair on the pink sticks, as shown on the picture.
9. You can also hold on to the end of your hair while rotating the curler. Just insert the end on the pink stick after curling your hair.
10. You can rotate the curler in between if you feel like your hair is loosening its grip on the hair curler. What you need is to have your hair firmly gripping on to the hair curler so that it gets heated.


Where I bought mine
I bought mine at Shopee during the 7.7 sale and I got free shipping and more discounts. It arrived pretty quick, it got here the next day. It was missing a clip but I don't really mind. Here's the link to where I bought mine:

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Watch my video on how I used the automatic hair curler.

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