K-Beauty Guide on How to Treat and Prevent Maskne for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

As if it wasn't enough that we have to deal with our oily, acne-prone skin on a daily basis but now we've added maskne to the mix. On top of our usual acne woes, we now have to be on the lookout for face mask-induced acne.

At first, I thought that my maskne was just me having a dry patch of skin which was odd because I have oily skin. I suspected that it was due to wearing a face mask because it popped up right after I wore a face mask for a prolonged period of time. It happened on the only time I went out during the whole quarantine period. I found out that maskne was a thing only after I got rid of it. It took a bit of trial and error but I got rid of it. 

1. Spot treatment
When you're at home, try using a spot treatment that hydrates while treating acne. Use a different spot treatment when you're going out, I'll talk more about that later.

Try the Skin&Lab Don't Touch Trouble Spot which provides hydration, acne relief and sebum control. Read my Skin&Lab Don't Touch Trouble Spot review.

2. Give your maskne extra hydration
Back when I didn't know I was dealing with maskne, I tried a few things to get rid of those clusters of whiteheads such as scrubbing them off which wasn't really effective. What was effective though was soaking up a cotton pad with a hydrating toner and leaving them on my maskne. It helped a lot but I was far from being done.

Try the Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads if you prefer using pre-soaked pads. These pads are meant to instantly soothe and deeply moisturize the skin which is exactly what your maskne needs. It uses a natural gentle cotton fabric to minimize skin irritation. Read my Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads Review.

As for a toner recommendation, use a hydrating one, make sure it has no astringents like the Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Waterfull Toner. Read my Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Waterfull Toner Review.

3. Opt for a sheet mask that relieves the skin
If you're already using sheet masks, change it up to a sheet mask has skin-relief properties.

Try the BRTC Vitamin H Velvet Mask for Skin-Relief. Not only does this mask intensively moisturize but it also has tea tree leaf extract to ward off inflammation which is what any acne-prone prone gal would want. Read my BRTC Review.

Another sheet mask I use is A’bloom’s Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet peach extract to soothe the skin and tea tree oil for anti-blemish. Read about Althea's A'bloom sheet masks.

4. Upgrade your sunscreen
This one's optional but ever since I bought the Some By Mi Truecica Mineral 100 Calming Suncream, I felt like this was made especially for maskne which is why I want to share it with you. Normally, I'd be content with any sunscreen that doesn't clog my pore nor leave a greasy mess. However, I'm really glad I bought this sunscreen just in time to help my maskne.  

As the name suggests, Some By Mi Truecica Mineral 100 Calming Suncream has calming properties and is highly moisturizing. It's a mineral sunscreen that is perfect for sensitive skin. To top it off, it also contains tea tree. Read my Some By Mi Truecica Mineral 100 Suncream Review.

5. Double-check your cleanser
Make sure you're using a non-drying cleanser that effectively cleanses your skin while leaving it moisturized.

Try the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil which cleanses and soothes the skin while leaving natural oils behind. Read my Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil Review.

If you're not into cleansing oils because you don't like the oil it leaves behind, try the St. Ives Soothing Chamomile Daily Cleanser. It's not exactly a Korean product but it was made in Korea and it's free from parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrance. Read my St. Ives Soothing Chamomile Daily Cleanser Review.

6. Give your skin a "barrier"
If you already know where your maskne usually pops up, try to keep that area extra hydrated. I recommend using a spot film gel, the type that transforms into what seems like a second skin. Apply the spot film gel onto maskne-prone areas such as the bridge of your nose or around your chin. My maskne pops up around the sides of the bridge of my nose because I wear eyeglasses and it creates extra friction around that area.

Try the Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel. Not only does it form a barrier between your skin and the mask but it also treats your acne thanks to its tea tree oil and extract. It also soothes the skin thanks to its centella extract. Read my Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel Review.

7. Soak your skin with a toner pad
You can also soak up a toner pad on those maskne-prone spots beforehand to make sure that it's deeply hydrated.

Try the So Natural 5.5 Red Water Toner which keeps your skin at the optimal pH level for your skin. Using a face mask which traps heat between your skin and the mask could cause pH level disruptions. This toner can help bring your skin's pH level at the optimum level. It also has both calming properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Read my So Natural 5.5 Red Water Toner Review.

8. Try changing your cloth face masks
There's a reason why I lust after satin and silk face masks. Unlike cotton which absorbs the oil from the skin, silk face masks are non-absorbent which means they'll leave your skin with its much-needed oils. That means it won't soak up your skincare products as well. Also, silk fabric will cause less friction which is exactly what your skin needs.

Where to get silk face masks:
You can get a silk face mask at Trends You Love, not only will your skin thank you but you'll look fashionable as well since they come in all sorts of pretty colors such as rose gold. It was after I saw their silk face masks that got me thinking about which kind of fabric would be better. Drop by their Facebook page or IG (@trendsyoulove) for more information.

9. Check your detergent for any irritants
Last but not least, if you're using a washable face mask, look through your laundry detergents list of ingredients, there might be an irritant or two. After all, what usually works fine for your (body's) skin might not work well with your face's skin since your face is much more sensitive. 

If you have your own tips on how to avoid maskne or if you have questions, leave them below the comment section.


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