Barenbliss Kiwi Tin Lip and Cheek Tint Peachy Smoochy Review

Do you love surprises just as much as makeup? You’ll love that the first-ever “blind box” makeup product in the Philippines is now available! Korean beauty brand Barenbliss lets you choose your lip and cheek tint shade while the color of the packaging will be a surprise. These kiwi tins are collectibles and that can also be used as accessories. It comes in 4 different shades and 4 different packing colors, so there are actually 16 different combinations!

01 Peachy Smoochy
02 Pinky Lucky
03 Reddy Ready
04 Browny Chilly

Packaging Colors

No Paraben
No Alcohol
No Mineral Oil
No Animal Testing

Can I just say that I really adore the packaging of the Barenbliss Kiwi Tin Lip and Cheek Tint? Apart from being cute, I love how it has a chain where I can attach it to the zipper of my makeup bag. My makeup pouch would sometimes be full and I love that this tint can at least save me some space in my makeup bag.

I love how easily the Barenbliss Kiwi Tin Lip and Cheek Tint glides onto my lips. At first it appears glossy and sticky but after a few minutes, when it has settled on my lips, the stickiness and glossiness is gone but it still makes my lips appear juicy and vibrant. I love that it is moisturizing, pigmented, transfer-proof and is quite long lasting. 

Since I usually choose darker and more neutral tones, I wanted to try a more vibrant shade this time to further increase the surprise factor. It did not disappoint, I really did get surprised because the Peachy Smoochy shade looks so nice on my lips. It doesn’t look too bright and it gives my skin a youthful glow. I’m not wearing any makeup on my face but because of the tint, I feel like my face brightened up in an instant. You can watch the video to see how my lips looked before I applied the tint.

I honestly wanted to receive the pink one but the green one is cute too so I have no complaints, I mean kiwi is green afterall and the name of this product is Kiwi Tin Lip and Cheek Tint.

Where to Get It?
Barenbliss Kiwi Tin Lip and Cheek Tint is available on Shopee for P399.


  1. Cute nito my, kasyang kasya sa bulsa, madadala mo tlga kahit saan🥰💋

  2. Love this love the packaging and shade


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