Esfolio Moisture Milk Hand Cream Review

I wash my hands a lot and I’m always wary of how my hands are becoming a bit rough. I’m pretty particular when it comes to using hand creams and Esfolio’s Moisture Milk Hand Cream fits the description of what I look for in a hand cream.

Key Ingredients
Milk Protein Extract
Sea Buckthorn Extract
Chinese-Quince Fruit Extract

Light and non-sticky, the Esfolio Moisture Milk Hand Cream has a silky texture that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and it’s quick to be absorbed by my hand’s skin so it doesn’t get all over my things when I touch them. I love how soft and moisturized my hands feel right after using this hand cream. It smells really nice, it has a milky scent that subsides upon being the hand cream settling on my hands.

I adore the cute packaging and the large size of this hand cream since most Korean hand creams come in a small packaging.

Where to Get it?
You can get the Esfolio Moisture Milk Hand Cream on Stylevana for $4.19. You can get 10% - 15% off your order by using my discount code “INF10PREL” on Stylevana.