Heimish All Clean Mandarin Orange Cleansing Balm Review

Ever since I’ve discovered cleansing balms, taking off my makeup no longer feels like a chore. Thanks to gentle, low-irritation cleansing balms like the Heimish All Clean Mandarin Orange Cleansing Balm, I no longer dread having to take my makeup off and now I can keep creating makeup looks without having to worry about my skin.

Suitable for sensitive skin
Free from allergen ingredients
Natural fragrance and color
Aromatherapy effect
Built-in spatula
Fresh mandarin oil

Key ingredients
Mandarin Extracts
Citrus Oil
Citron Oil
Moringa Ceramide
Papaya Extract

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I love how the Heimish All Clean Mandarin Orange Cleansing Balm melts my makeup away. From a pastel orange sherbet-like texture, it transforms into an oily texture upon coming into contact with my skin and it finally becomes creamy after coming in contact with water. It’s really great for removing makeup and it’s able to completely remove all my makeup except for eye makeup. I still need to use a makeup cleanser that’s intended for eye makeup because it’s unable to fully remove my glittery eyeshadows. However, I feel that there’s no need to double cleanse when you use this cleansing balm but I still double cleanse anyway because of my routine. 

I love how pleasant and mild this cleansing balm smells and it’s really gentle on the skin, there’s no need to rub my skin with force or pull it to remove my makeup. My skin doesn’t feel dry, it feels fresh and moist after washing off this cleansing balm. It also doesn’t sting my eyes when I apply it near my eyes. As for rinsing it off, it’s fairly easy to wash off and it doesn’t leave any residue.

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Where to Get It?
You can get the Heimish All Clean Mandarin Orange Cleansing Balm on StyleKorean for $12 (Php625).

Watch my unboxing and swatching video of the Heimish products.