L'Essential Triple Cream & D5 Brightening Sun Screen Review

These two skincare picks from Korean skincare brand, L’Essential, are perfect for those with oily skin like me. One is a gel-type cream that is great for oily skin that is in need of hydration while the other is a sunscreen that doesn’t make the skin feel or look greasy.

L'Essential Triple Cream
Functions: Soothe & Hydrate.
Key Ingredients: Guaiazulene, Dual Crystal Glacial Water Capsule, Calming Lotus, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, and Madecassoside. 

The Dual Crystal Glacial Water Capsules in the L'Essential Triple Cream are quite mesmerizing, the cream itself is a beautiful blue gel while the capsules appear to be like ice floating in the blue cream. Upon massaging the capsules onto my skin, the capsule is easily dissolved. It’s not sticky or greasy and it leaves my skin looking dewy. It’s great for my oily, acne-prone skin because it doesn’t clog my pores. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It does take a while for my skin to fully absorb the cream.

I always wake up with dewy, glowing skin when I use this cream before going to sleep.

L'Essential D5 Brightening Sun Screen
Features: A non-nano physical sunscreen with SPF50+ PA++++.
Functions: Soothe & Brighten.
Key Ingredients: Guaiazulene, Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, and Banana Fruit Extract.


Creamy but non-greasy, the L'Essential D5 Brightening Sun Screen leaves a matte finish on my hand’s skin and it appears to have no whitecast. However, on my face, which has oily skin, it leaves a slight whitecast. It’s easy to spread but it takes some effort to blend the sunscreen. I like that it doesn’t sting my eyes and it doesn’t melt off when I sweat, (I sweat easily so this is really important for me).

Watch me try on the L'Essential Triple Cream and the L'Essential D5 Brightening Sun Screen on my face and see the textures up close.

Where to Get It?
You can get the L'Essential D5 Brightening Sun Screen on YesStyle and you can use my discount code KBEAUTYLOVER.