Blue and Brown

Ughh, my friends have been calling me preleldotcom ever since my groupmates in one class dedicated a slide of our group presentation to my blog. They wrote, “Half-time brought to you by ‘Your Style Junkie’”. Of course the first thing I said was, “Nooooo, that’s wrong! It’s Prelel the Style Junkie kasi!.” At first everyone thought that the whole thing was just a joke or something. But after checking it out on their phones and laptops, they realized that the website url was real and after that they just kept calling me “preleldotcom”.

Going for the candid look? Lol, I was kinda caught off guard with this picture but not entirely off guard so it’s only half candid, I guess. Anyway, on to today’s look. Today’s outfit features my school’s color, blue. I’m a pastel girl but this shade of blue, royal blue, called out to me. I know it’s silly but I kept my school ID on because the lanyard color matched my skirt. I liked the blue and brown combination that’s why I named this outfit “Blue and Brown”.

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I managed to fix the lighting this time. But it’s pouring today, so I might have to take indoor shots again for the next photos if this goes on.

brown long sleeved top; royal blue skater skirt; black and gold toecap flats