Champagne Roses

Notice anything different? *bats eyelash* haha. This is one of the few photos where my hair actually looks decent! I’m referring to the first photo of course. I had to sweep my hair to one side for the second photo so you could see the cute rose details on the collar and on the shoulder. But come the third photo, my hair looked like a mess. Sigh. I wish my hair would grow longer already so those awkwardly placed waves on top can be my hair’s roots. Or I could just start using hair products and hair irons but meh too lazy. Although I am in dire need of a haircut.

I can’t believe how much longer my legs look in the pictures. I never realized how high waist shorts plus pumps can do wonders for a girl’s legs. But it’s starting to rain more frequently here in the Philippines so I might have to say goodbye to wearing shorts. If only mosquitos didn’t swarm to my legs. But on the other hand, I can start bringing out those cute blazers and long sleeved tops like the one I’m wearing in this outfit.

Oh and on an unrelated matter, the trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2 is finally out! I didn’t even know that they were making a sequel. I’m so excited, I wanna watch! Hiccup has gone through puberty lol.

iAnyWear champagne rose collared top; ROMWE white scallop high waist shorts; Payless pink shoes; EazyFashion bow belt