Candy Colors

This skater skirt is probably one of my favorite not just because it’s pink, but because it’s made of spandex so I love the way it feels when I move plus it has a built-in shorts so it’s actually a skort (skirt-shorts). Speaking of materials, I am really like the kind of cloth material ROMWE uses. It feels nice and sturdy and the texture really appeals to me.I forgot what it’s called. It’s probably written on their site but I’m too lazy to check since I’m just typing this post on my phone right now. Yes, I am an epitome of laziness. Oh and I would like to thank the cold weather because now my hair’s back to normal and not as messy as before when the hot weather made my hair frizz in all directions (this is an exaggeration, of course) but I’ll keep my fingers crossed since the Philippine weather can be quite moody.

This outfit screams out “candy” to me. Or at least the color scheme does anyway and as you probably know, I made the color scheme this way because I’m a sucker for pastels. Sorry I couldn’t find the right nail polish to match my outfit, this was the closest I had at that moment. But I did get my hands on a new set of matte pastel nail polish, sponsored by my sister loljk but thanks sis, for choosing me as your “guinea pig” (direct quote lol). Oh and speaking of this nail polish, I just met someone yesterday who was wearing the same color and almost the same shade of nail polish.

The glasses in the picture are not what I wear to school, but if you really wanna see me in glasses check my old outfit post Casual Friday. By the way, if you’re interested in reading mangas, right now I am following “Watashi Ni Xx Shinasai!” it’s a shoujo manga that I find cute and well drawn. Oh and the heroine of the story wears glasses too.

Sorry for the off-ness of the full body photos, I found a way to fix that but please bear with me in this outfit post. But before I end this blog post I would just like to share that I just read a really long comment from my last blog post and that I must express my gratitude because it is you who has inspired me. But I should also pause for a moment and thank all of those who have supported me until now. Without readers, this ‘lil 'ol diary of mine would not be the blog that it is right now. I am definitely inspired right now. :)

ROMWE cream and purple dual-tone long sleeved top; ROMWE diamante bow and flower apricot fashion glasses; Adidas purple shoulder bag; Eazy Fashion pink bow tied metal bracelet; Payless pink patent peep toe shoes