Need More Sleep

We all need more sleep don’t we? I actually took these photos before my last outfit post but I had to post that one first because of my new giveaway. Hmm, I wonder if this outfit is still considered as Asian fashion or Asian style? You know, since usually those that are considered Asian style are those sweet or romantic style or like those that are simplified lolita outfits. Oh well, I’m not really one for technicalities (and I call myself a fashion blogger, hah!).

Anyway, back to this outfit. I rarely follow trends but when I saw this striped cropped pants, I just had to have them. Considering how trendy it looks plus the fact that stripes makes you look thinner? Yup definitely a must have for me. I’m totally loving the cropped pants with pointy heels look right now. Oh and don’t get me started on my tank top! I wasn’t sure if my judgment was right since the design was kinda simple but then again simplicity is best. So i asked two of my friends what they thought about the top and they both agreed it was cute. But the real reason I got it was so I could wear it during finals week or, as other people in my school call it, hell week. And since you can really feel the heat all year round here in the Philippines, the top being a tank top really helps.

I don’t know why but this pictures kinda remind me of Urahara from Bleach. Must be because of the green and black theme of the picture, oversized blazer (although not as oversized as Urahara’s) and the presence of stripes. I just noticed this after I posted this outfit.

ROMWE need more sleep tank top; ROMWE black blazer; ROMWE striped crop pants; Payless Shoesource silver pointy peep toe heels