A few months ago, upon hearing the brand name iAnyWear for the first time, I got quite intrigued as to how they got the brand name iAnyWear. Is it iAnyWear because the type of clothes they have can be worn anywhere? Or is it because they have clothes for every occasion? Or maybe because they believe that girls should wear whatever clothes they want to wear?

If you’re wondering why I’m back to the once a week posting instead of twice a week, well I just finished my first accounting exam of my last ever accounting class (well let’s cross our fingers that I won’t have to take it again shall we? lol). I promise I’ll try my very best to sneak in some more blog post if I have the time. I wore this dress when me and my family ate at Tong Yang.

iAnyWear black polka dot sheer sleeved a-line sweetheart dress; EazyFashion white metal plated bow belt; white slip-on patent pointy toe heels

Thank you so so so much iAnyWear, I super adore this dress and the note you sent was so sweet. By the way, iAnyWear is an online shop specializing in Korean and Japanese fashion. I do love K-fashion and J-fashion lol. Find out more about iAnyWear.