Hearts On My Pants

“I’m just a cute girl with hair problems!” said a girl from a manga I’m reading entitled “Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun” who is coincidentally a blogger as well in the story. My hair is begging me for a salon trip. Sigh. Humidity has been unkind to my hair.

Now to my outfit, guess what my favorite part of this outfit is. The bow buttons, of course! I mentioned something about bow outfits before. Even my seatmate liked these adorable buttons. Both of us agreed that the shoes were really nice and perfect for the rainy season here in the Philippines since it’s made of that plastic material, PVC I think. My other friend, on the other hand, said that my pants, or more like jeggings, accentuates my butt. Accentuate wasn’t the exact term, but we couldn’t find the right word so I used accentuate instead. Say what? lol. Overall, I think the bows, hearts and florals made this sweet outfit extra dainty.

ROMWE Off-the-shoulder Cream Lace Shirt; ROMWE Lace-up Floral Canvas Shoes; Human turquoise hearts print pants