Dog and I

Remember my pretty doggy, Bruha? Don’t ask me why that’s her name, I didn’t name her lol. She’s responsible for my messy hair, we were playing before these photos were taken. I just finished some exams and some school requirements so I had some time to catch up on some mangas and update my games but now I’m thinking maybe I should used that time for blogging, oh well.

Oh and my mom found my blog, fml. I’m thinking maybe I should make my posts less personal. I don’t know why but I just feel that it’s okay for total strangers to read the stuff I write but I feel squeemish when people who know me in real life see my inner thoughts especially if those people are family. What do you think? Anyway, I personally like this outfit because it’s so comfy like pajamas but doesn’t really look like pajamas (I hope). This is how this striped pants really look like, I just folded them up in this outfit.

ROMWE black and white striped crop pants; thrifted white smiley jolly roger top; white pantent shoes