Back in high school, prom was but a dream. Our school prohibited parties and they counted prom as a party. So you would not believe my excitement when I got invited by Clozette to attend the EBloggersBall, a prom-night experience held at September 29, 2016 and organized by E! Online to celebrate creativity, passion, and influence of blogging and social media influencers!

I was sporting a 7-month old baby bump, which was my best accessory of the night, don’t you agree? Haha. However, had I not have been pregnant, I would have definitely worn my Rosa Novias dress, which is actually a prom dress!

We arrived at the event early, and by early, I mean on time. Isaac would not believe me when I told him that these events usually start late. There were hardly any guests around 7PM, most of the guests arrived around 9:30PM or later.

After registering with Clozette, a fashion social network which a blogged about a few years ago when I was still a newbie blogger, I checked out some of the other event sponsors’ booths. C2 Cool and Clean were giving away some cute C2 USB and Sun Life gave out boxes containing varieties of TWG tea. Clozette also gave me a gift, it was this cute pink pouch bag containing a sample of a Hugo Boss perfume and a Laneige water bank kit.

While waiting for the festivities to begin, I decided to get a makeover from Features and Shades. Since I was already wearing makeup, it was more of a retouch and enhancement. I only applied basic makeup at home since I was in a hurry to get to the event.

And voila! Got a fabulous makeover from Features and Shades. By the way, if you want to see how this dress from Romwe looks like sans the baby bump, you can check out my Tmart post. My accessories include white pointed heels and a purple bag from Goods.PH. I was supposed to wear a necklace, but I forgot all about it, it was just sitting in my bag the whole night!

I got these Features and Shades makeup goodies at the event as well. I made a beauty post about my experience using these Features and Shades makeup, I am definitely excited to try out the illuminating lipstick! Maybe, I’ll try these out for my makeup look at the Bigmk.ph Grand Launch.

City of Dreams Manila is the official venue partner of the EBloggersBall. Guess what they had in store for tonight’s menu? A Western course meal awaited our hungry tummies. Most of the other bloggers hardly touched their food but this preggy blogger was feeling ravenous and was excited to dig in. The only dish that I didn’t finish eating was the appetizer because it contained alcohol which is a no-no for pregnant women. As for the refreshments, I gave in to my sweet cravings and drank a couple of C2 drinks.

Style talks and awarding ceremonies filled the night. We left a bit early because this preggy blogger and her baby needed to get some sleep and Isaac still had work the next day.

Apart from the fact that Isaac wanted us to arrive at the event early, the reason that I was not able to do my hair is because I ran out of time creating and preparing for my first makeup video. I’m very excited to share it with you but I still have a long way to go plus I need to find a better video editing software. The video will feature the products I got from Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016 which I used to prepare for this event. However, I decided to make a separate post and video for the Gum Alive toothpaste.

Attending my first prom… now that’s one dream fulfilled and off my bucket list. Also, achievement unlocked, walking in heels all night while pregnant, this was the only time I wore heels during my pregnancy. Hopefully, it will be the last time as well, because I had leg muscle cramps the following morning! Before I forget, I want to thank Clozette for inviting us to this one-of-a-kind experience!