Every girl should be able to look and feel naturally beautiful, inside and out, and that is exactly what ProYoung wants to advocate. Formerly known as Serve the Goddess by SeriAsia, ProYoung SeriAsia, Inc. has crafted a facial skin care routine in order to influence every Filipina’s nature of nurturing their skin. Who knew that the quote above by Pamela Anderson could relate so much to ProYoung’s 10 Steps Skincare Routine?

Okay, two hours may have been an exaggeration, the 10 steps skincare routine does not actually take that long unless you want to be thorough about it. Before we started the DIY facial, Miss Wayne, gave us a brief introduction of the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine, which I first heard about at the Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016. She walked us through each and every product involved in the process as well as its benefits and role in the skin care routine.

I wore basic makeup that day because I already had an idea of what will take place, I knew that we were going to take our makeup off for the skin care routine. The vital oil, an all-natural massage oil, was the first in the skin care routine. Emitting a warm sensation, the vital oil soothingly removes the makeup from my face.

After removing our makeup with the vital oil, we cleansed our skin with the enzyme cleanse, exfoliated with the chakra crystal, used their 5 element facial masks (they have five different types to suit the needs of various skin types), dabbed on some whitelily toner, applied whitelily essence, used the whitelily complex as a serum, moisturized with the E-action cream and finished off with the sun defense foundation.

At first, without trying it out for yourself, the steps may seem overwhelming. However, on the contrary, it is a relatively simple routine which you can modify, depending if you are going out or just staying at home. Also, as Miss Wayne puts it, with the amount of makeup products we are already applying on our face, why not do the same for skin care products? Given the results that this skin care routine will give, as we can observe on Korean women, adding a few steps to our skin care regime seems like a small price to pay, don’t you think so?

Don’t worry, if you are seeking more information on ProYoung’s 10 Steps Skincare Routine, I will actually be making a separate post for a run-down of the 10-Step Skincare Routine! The said post will include a video of me using the goodies I got from the Spa Party while I elaborate on the products’ role and effects. Also, all the products involved in the routine is natural so it is safe for pregnant women like me!

Below is a list of the products involved in the 10-Step Skincare Routine as well as the prices. You can actually bring these products to their spa and have their employees perform the 10-Step Skincare Routine for you, you only have to pay for the service.
1. D'Essence Set (Acne or White) - P2,500
2. Face Spa Set (Big) - P3,060
3. Face Spa Set (Small) - P350 (SALE)
4. E-Action Cream (30g) - P180
5. E-Action Cream (250g) - P1,500
6. Vital Oil (130g) - P1,460
7. Chakra Crystal (145g) - P1,220
8. Five Element Mask (30g x 50) - P950
Face Spa Set (inclusive of Vital Oil, Chakra Crystal and Five Element Mask) P3,060

Did I mention that they have their own line of makeup? Before leaving, I tried on one of their tinted foundations. I loved it! On my Brothers’ Food Park post, which was my destination after the blogger spa party, you can observe the dewy effect the foundation had on my skin.

The ProYoung Skin Artistry Workshop was held on October 1, 2016 at ProYoung, located at the Mezzanine level of Goldland Tower, 10 Eisen Hower Street, San Juan which is beside Goldland Plaza. Selected bloggers were invited to try out the 10-Step Skincare Routine as well as to enjoy and de-stress at the blogger spa party.

It’s not a party without food, right? Healthy snacks were served during the spa party, although we only started digging in while we were waiting for our facial mask to set it. I really wanted to try their barley drink. When they served the barley drink, I was the first to take a cup for myself. However, lucky for me, they saw me almost taking a sip, because it is for detox and weight loss, it was not fit for consumption for pregnant women. I received a sample though, so once my baby is born, my journey to post-pregnancy weight loss will begin!

Aside from their 10-Step Skincare Routine, their spa buffet (P999) is one to watch out for as well! It includes four spa treatments, namely Oxygen Facial (45 minutes), Full Body Massage (60 minutes), Foot Spa (60 minutes) and Nail Spa (30-minutes). Among these spa treatments, I was able to try their 30 minute foot spa.

Why cover something which is already beautiful? Why not just wear products which will enhance and nurture your natural beauty? These are my thoughts after experiencing their 10-Step Skincare Routine. Watch the video above for my thoughts on the ProYoung Skincare Routine!

I had so much fun at their blogger spa party, the skin artistry workshop was a new and fun-filled experience for me. By the way, I am wearing my romwe dress from my Roses for Valentine’s Day post and Goods.PH bag.

With an ambiance fitting to “serve the goddess”, ProYoung delivers in terms of service and professionalism while proactively crafting ways to inspire every Filipina to look and feel naturally beautiful. If you want to try the 10-Step Skincare Routine before buying ProYoung’s products, watch out on their Facebook page for the FREE ProYoung Skin Artistry Workshop.