With all the things that has been happening for me this 2016, starting a business, getting married and soon, having my first baby, giving myself a little pampering by getting my nails done just flew out of mind. However, with all the things happening in our lives, rewarding ourselves for all that hard work does not have to be at the bottom of our priority list.

On October 17, Nailaholics will celebrate and take part in the country’s first ever #NationalPamperingDay, where they will be offering a fabulous manicure and a relaxing hand massage for free! Just drop by any Nailaholics branch in the Philippines from 10 AM to 12 noon to avail of the free service.

Last week, before heading to Ramen Cool, I indulged in a little “me-time”, courtesy of Nailaholics Fisher Mall. I availed their Vitamin Sea package (P690) consisting of manicure, pedicure and a foot spa, this package seems to be the most popular one as most of their patrons present at that time availed of this as well.

Perhaps no other nail salon in the country is better known for having perfected the art of a quick, urban pampering the way Nailaholics has. Their interiors are inviting, their service is efficient, and the promise of getting whisked away from realities of looming deadlines, to-do lists, traffic, and whatever else awaits outside the doors of this quaint Hamptons-themed escape, becomes possible—even if it’s only for a few hours.

To start off my pampering session, Miss Genilyn gave me a nice and relaxing foot spa. During my pregnancy, my legs and feet get tired a lot because of the extra weight so getting foot spas have been such a treat. After scrubbing on some sea salt scrub, she lightly massaged my legs, according to her, too much pressure should not be applied since I was pregnant.

They had tons of nail polishes to choose from, it was a colorful array of nail polishes from brands like Morgan Taylor, ORLY, China Glaze and more!

My choice of nail polish was something light, it was the closest color to mauve that I could find. Yup, for some reason, I was craving for something mauve.

Getting a pedicure while being pregnant was an indulgence for me. Sure, I could do a manicure on my own but a pedicure? With my already aching back, reaching my toes and properly getting nail polish on them would have been tedious! So yeah, it was really fun and relaxing to get my toes done by a professional.

I loved the color on my nails, it looks so neat and natural, as you can see in the first picture in this post. I had a hard time filming the manicure since I only had one hand to attempt to steadily hold my heavy SLR camera. By the way, you may have noticed that I didn’t have my cuticles pushed back, I requested that my cuticles not to be pushed back so I do not risk the chance of getting an infection while being pregnant. I read somewhere before that if you are getting a manicure while being pregnant just ask not to have your cuticles cut or pushed back since your cuticles are there to protect the nail bed from bacteria and fungus, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Pampering complete! If you are pregnant like me, do not deprive yourself of a trip to the nail salon for a manicure or pedicure. You deserve a much needed destressing! Just take proper precautions and preparations, make sure that the nail salon you are going to uses sterile tools like Nailaholics does. Oh, and speaking of preparations, I would have worn tights but since it would have been a hassle to take off, so I decided not to. As for the rest of my outfit, I am wearing my SM GTW pink dress, Romwe floral kimono, CMG tote bag, and Tretorn pink sneakers.

Watch my manicure and pedicure in the video above and get yourself psyched for the National Pampering Day happening this October 17, 2016!

Now, it’s off to Ramen Cool!