Can’t get enough of food parks? Then you would not want to miss out on the latest food park, TGP (The Good People) Brothers’ Food Park located at Novaliches! Those residing at Novaliches or those who frequent Mindanao Avenue get to have a new food trip destination located at 607 Quirino Highway, Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.

In order to commemorate the grand opening of the Brother’s Food Park held last October 1, 2016, festivities such as the ribbon-cutting, raffling off of smartwatches and other goodies, a live music performance, a magic show and a visit by the popular Hashtags group filled the night with fun and energy for all those who dropped by the Brothers’ Food Park Grand Opening.

With 15 Brothers’ Food Park food stalls ready to serve, you’re bound to find one to satisfy your food cravings, be it something grilled, Japanese, Korean, Persian, desserts, crazy dessert drinks and more! These 15 food stalls are the following: Master Wrapper, Chuckatoo’s Steak Shack, Shakes ‘N Co, Bits n Pieces Waffle House, Katsumoto, Grilled Chilled, Avery’s, Big Belly Bunch, Tender Juicy, Siomai King, Gavin’s, Captain Cook, Rockaberry, Cindy Yaki Ribs, and Pita Pan Kebab. However, there were still some food stalls which had to be unveiled such as Soupotato.

Looking for something wrapped like lumpia shanghai? Savor some wrapped delights at Master Wrapper for yourself or for sharing.

Lumpia Shangai 6pcs P80
Served with ketchup and with some sweet sauce, these crispy lumpia shanghai or spring rolls are perfect as snacks or sides to share with your friends.

Now, if you are in the mood for steaks, head over to Chuckatoo’s Steak Shack for some juicy steak.

Chuck’s Signature Steak P169
Can’t decide on what to get? Try their signature steak, it comes with veggies, sauce and rice with toasted garlic bits.

Dessert drinks lovers rejoice because Shakes ‘N Co not only serves regular frappes, fruit flavored frappes and matcha frappes, they serve “freakshakes” as well! These freakshakes are instagram-worthy drinks topped with all sorts of desserts, candies and more sweets!

Oreo Madness Freakshake P170
Their oreo madness freakshake is a combination of milky, luscious blend of cookies and cream topped with a cupcake and a chocolate stick.

Chocolate War Freakshake P170
Ready for some tastebuds-tugging war of chocolate explosion? This concoction of chocolate based shake with graham, 3 toasted marshmallows, chocolate bar and chocolate stick is sure to win you over with the different waves of chocolate flavor each dessert topping will give you. I especially enjoyed the taste of graham and chocolate as well as the taste of the toasted marshmallows and chocolate.

Waffles for breakfast or waffles for dessert? There’s a waffle to satisfy your waffle cravings at Bits n Pieces Waffle House.

Pork Schnitzel P140
Breakfast for dinner sounded like a fun idea, we had their pork schitzel, it’s breaded pork cutlet which comes with Belgian waffle and two sunny side up eggs.

Ice Cream Waffle BnP cravings (P150) 
For dessert, we liked our waffles covered in chocolate and candies, paired with a scoop of ice cream and an oreo.

Now if you’re up for some Japanese food, Katsumoto has you covered, they serve sushi, ramen, katsu, tempura and more.

Katsu Ramen Regular P230 
Can’t decide between getting ramen or katsu? Why not try their katsu ramen? Their katsu ramen is not only topped with a deep fried pork cutlet, it comes with a generous serving of toppings as well such as corn, egg, seaweed and more. The best part about this dish is the noodles.

Grilled Chilled, as the name suggests, has something grilled and something chilled for you. Grab a burger or grab a fish bowl full of drinks. Yes, they have drinks for sharing and it comes in a fish bowl!

Cream Cheese Stuffed Bacon Burger P225
Splurge a little on your burger and grab this burger stuffed with some mouthwatering cream cheese and some crispy, juicy bacon paired with a ½ pound beef patty. Don’t forget the crispy potato chips on the side, and yes, it comes with a knife (stabbed right at the center of the burger) in case you want to share it with someone.

If you are looking for wings, pizza or pasta, Avery’s is where you would want to be. Eat your fill of Italian flavors with their pizza and pasta or grab some buffalo wings for something spicy.

Pesto Pizza P169 
Pesto, cheese and chicken, this scrumptious mix of flavors is one of my favorite combinations. What sets their pizza apart from other pizzas is their crispy crust, even when the pizza got cold, the crust still stayed crispy.

Buffalo Wings P135
Marinated in their spicy sauce, their buffalo wings are perfect for those who really like spicy food.

Looking for some classic Filipino dishes? From what we have tried, Big Belly Bunch has added a little of their own touch to our favorite Filipino dishes and served them with style.

Crispy Kare-Kare P180 
Now you see what I meant by Filipino dishes served with style? This plated crispy kare-kare is a treat for those who love kare-kare. Aside from being served with a bowl of garlic rice and a bowl kare-kare sauce, their lechon comes with string beans, petchay, eggplants and more.

Yup, Siomai King and Tender Juicy are also at Brothers’ Food Park!

Now, for those who love sisig! Gavin’s serves your all-time favorite sisig flavors as well as some uncommon ones like shawarma sisig. Since I am pregnant and Isaac was allergic to alcohol, we were unable to try their cocktails but I hear it is a must-try!

Shawarma Sisig P140
Shawarma sisig is now my new favorite flavor of sisig. We found it a tiny bit sweet, not that I mind, I actually liked it because I love sweet things. So yeah, if you are into sisig and shawarma like me, then this dish is definitely for you.

Blue Lemonade P50
I was unable to try their cocktails but getting the blue lemonade was the next best thing for me to gulp down while devouring their shawarma sisig.

found it quite amusing that they had a stall named Captain Cook, because they also had a stall named Pita Pan, which is like Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Captain Cook serves Korean dishes like beef bulgogi, bibimbap and more.

Beef Bulgogi P120
Complete with the hot plate experience, their beef bulgogi also comes with kimchi on the side.

Milk tea lovers head on over to Rockaberry to get your daily dose of milk tea. Yes, they have one in matcha as well!

Ookinawa Milk Tea XL P80 and Dark Choco Milk Tea XL P80
Ookinawa and Dark Choco are their best-selling flavors, they come in large for P70 and extra large for P80.

My choice was the dark choco, which is great for chocolate lovers like me, it had a deep chocolate flavor. I had mine with coffee jelly but you can choose nata de coco or pearl.

Did somebody say ribs? Count me in for a feast of ribs at Cindy Yaki Ribs! Just don’t forget to bring a napkin because you’ll be scarfing down their ribs in no time!

Ribs Yaki Special with Coleslaw P250
Considering the serving size, the price is definitely worth it. Packed with smoky flavors, you would not want to miss out on these ribs.

Located near the entrance, Pita Pan Kebab sure knows how to catch one’s eyes because of its bright lights and stall design. One look at their stall, and you’ll know that they are selling something Persian; their specialty is kebabs. Also, if you are looking for something take home, all of Pita Pan’s food comes in takeout boxes.

Beef Kebab P130
Served with grilled tomato and onion, these juicy skewered beef kebabs are perfect for those who are craving for something flavorful and packed with spices. You can order them with healthy tumeric herbed rice or some of their delicious toasted pita bread. You get to choose your sauce too!

Arabian Fries P80
Not only are their Arabian fries crispy, but it also packs quite a punch as well. Sprinkled with spices, these strong, flavorful fries will redefine your expectations for fries.

Even prior to the official commencement of the grand opening, the food park was already brimming with curious onlookers and hungry customers, anticipating the opening of the latest food trip destination at Novaliches. I had just come from my DIY Facial at the ProYoung Skin Artistry Workshop and when I arrived, some seats were already occupied by customers excited to try the various offerings Brothers’ Food Park had to offer. With all the variety of food found in the food park, there is sure to be one that catches your eye so why not drop by Brothers’ Food Park today?