Attending Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016 was a blast, one of the booths that I spent my time on the most is Bloom Concept. With such a variety of products of offerings, it was hard for me to peel my eyes away from their booth.

As I mentioned in my Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016, I received some samples from Bloom Concept to try out for myself. Before I share with you my experience with the samples I received, I would like to tell you my top 5 picks from Bloom Concept. Among their vast array of products, there were five Bloom Concept products which I really liked:

1. E-Heart non-wired push-up bra
2. E-Heart liquid brow liner and liquid eyeliner
3. Gudetama themed skincare products
4. E-Heart x Hello Kitty Q10 candy
5. Morilins organic mask

For the latter part of my pregnancy, sports bras have been my saving grace. Even prior to my pregnancy, finding a suitable bra to fit me has been such a quest. However, during my pregnancy, I gave up on finding a bra with the right size. I wore a Marks & Spencer bra sized cup DD before I got pregnant, but after getting pregnant, my size just got way out of hand. I turned to wearing sports bras for comfort and support despite these not being my exact size (I just made up for it with the band size rather than the cup size) which is why I really loved E-Heart’s non-wire push-up bra which provides support, cleavage and has anti-odor properties which can last up to 5 years. Unfortunately, they do not have one in my size since they only come in Asian sizes.

Bloom Concept products are not only cute and functional, but are also made with the highest quality ensured. All of their products’ fabric are made in Taiwan, these products include their camisoles with built-in bra, UV protection jackets, shapewears and stockings. While the rest of the products are either made in Korea or made in Japan.

I was able to try out different Bloom Concept products and the Morilins organic face mask was the last one I tried out. Their line of Morilins organic beauty care are rich in natural ingredients such as active botanical extracts and oceanic minerals and are certified with the highest level of certification for organic products.

First thing I did when I woke up was use the organic face mask. Yup, this is my “just woke up” look. I was instructed to use the Soothing & Restoring mask first before the Firming & Nourishing and Lightening & Clarifying variants in order to rejuvenate my skin after being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. After attending consecutive events, I think it was high time my face’s skin got some pampering.

Before applying the mask on my face, I stretched it out first. As you can see in the pictures below, I applied it wrong. I had to adjust it afterwards in order to smooth out the air bubbles, I tugged the sides of the face mask so that it would snuggly fit my face.

Refrigerating the Morilins organic face mask was unnecessary since it was already cool and felt soothing on the skin even without refrigeration. It smelled nice, somewhat botanical. Leaving no air bubbles was essential because after a few minutes, I already felt the mask tightening on my skin.

Time for this preggy lady to munch on some E-Heart Hello Kitty candies to satisfy her sweet cravings while she waits for 15 minutes of face mask time.

Aside from the super cute Hello Kitty packaging which also features a resealable zipper, what I really like about the candies is the fact that it contains Coenzyme Q10, a substance similar to vitamin! This collagen candy is not only fun to chew but it is yummy and not too sweet, plus it smells really nice and fruity.

As I have mentioned in my E! Bloggers Ball post, I was busy creating my first makeup video as well as my Gum Alive video before the event which led me to not have time to do my hair. By the way, I ended up not showing you their eyelid tapes because at first, I assumed that it would have no effect on me since I already had double eyelids. However, I just found out that some people use the eyelid tapes to make their double eyelids even more prominent. That said, I’ll update this post and share with my experience with their eyelid tapes once I get the chance to do so. After all, it is one of Bloom Concept’s popular products so if you want double eyelids, I urge you to give it a try.

So finally, here is my first makeup video! I still have a long way to go. I have already made some preparations for my second makeup video. Hopefully, it turns out better than this one, I ended up fastforwarding a lot of the parts in this video. It makes me feel really embarrassed watching this video, I felt that my voice sounded really nervous! By the way, the first half of the video is for my product review of Refinette, hope you got excited after a little sneak peek of one of my next beauty posts!

One of the Bloom Concept products I used in the makeup video is the SH-RD protein cream. Obviously, it is not makeup but I included it anyway since I used it while shooting the video. The SH-RD protein cream is a leave-in treatment to repair, restore and revitalize hair. This fragrant cream blocks UV rays and has innovative lock-in hydration properties.

Last, but not least, the E-Heart liquid eyeliner and E-Heart liquid brow liner! These are my favorite among the samples I received. I first used these when I went to the media launch for Animahenasyon 2016 and have been using these ever since. Even now, I regularly use these as part of my makeup routine even if I am just applying simple makeup. The first time I used a liquid eyeliner was back when I was in high school, I made a mistake of applying it the same way as I do with an eyeliner pencil and boy, did I make a mess. As for the liquid eye brow liner, it is actually my first time hearing about it.

What I like about the E-Heart liquid eyeliner and eye brow liner is that you can control the thickness and darkness your eye makeup. In comparison to my current liquid eyeliner, the E-Heart eyeliner is way better in terms of quality. As you can see in the picture during my Features and Shades makeover, my eyeliner was nice and dark plus it did not smudge at all. My eyeliner and eyebrows were probably the only part of my makeup that the makeup artist did not retouch. Both liquid liners are easy to control, for the liquid eye brow liner. In the video, I used a brush to blend the liner as well as a spooley brush to groom my eyebrows but I have tried applying the liner on my brows without brushes and it still looked fine.

Bloom Concept is currently looking for distributors to partner with here in the Philippines. If you are interested in selling their products, just send an email to or visit their website for more details: