After a long day at work some time around last year, Isaac and I decided to try out Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House. We were both extremely tired because it was a payday Friday that day. On some payday Fridays, he would commute to Ortigas to fetch me home. I was not yet used to commuting to my workplace at the time. It was a horrible experience to go home late via public transportation on a payday Friday. At one time, we waited at SM Megamall until 10:30PM before we could even catch a bus goiing to SM North Edsa.

We were both exhausted (not to mention haggard) and in the mood for ramen. Dining at Taisho seemed like a pretty good idea considering that the prices were pretty reasonable, but not necessarily cheap, for ramen.

Tonkotsu Ramen + Chicken Teriyaki Set (P499)
We ordered the tonkotsu ramen and chicken teriyaki set which comes with regular serving of ramen, ⅔ serving of teppan with rice, green salad, 2 pcs. gyoza, moyashi tsukemono and hot green tea.

The moyashi (bean sprouts) tsukemono was fragrant and smelled strongly of sesame oil. It tasted good and performed well as a palate cleanser.

Thick and flavorful, the broth of the Hakata Tonkotsu ramen was pretty good. The pork slices were not tongue-melting but its chewiness made up for it. Overall, the ramen was pretty good.

As for the chicken teriyaki, the chicken was not so good but it was not bad either. However, if you are picky about your chicken teriyaki, like Isaac, then you might not find their chicken teriyaki enjoyable. However, as a lover chicken teriyaki, I would have to disagree with him. It came with corn, cabbage salad and potato wedges.

The green salad lacks dressing but the sauce from the moyashi tsukemono can make up for that by acting as a vinaigrette.

There are condiments on each table which can enhance the flavor of your food. Personally, we find that the ramen tasted even better with freshly crushed garlic.

Among the set meal items, the moyashi tsukemono and the ramen were the best.

Overall, the food was good especially for the price. Their set meals are perfect for those who are on a budget but want to eat more than one dish. The ambiance was nice, perfect for chilling or for dates.

Taisho Ramen and Teppanyaki House is located at the second floor of Sky Garden, SM North EDSA, Quezon City.