Being a (soon-to-be) first time mom, I had a lot of questions on my mind, all of which I initially turned to Google for advice. I read somewhere that some pregnant women tend to lose their teeth during their pregnancy. Reading about this immediately frightened me and warranted me a visit to my dentist. I asked my dentist about this while she performed a regular teeth cleaning. She told me that not all pregnant women experience this, however, those who have calcium deficiency are more prone to losing their teeth. What I should watch out for, according to my dentist, are my gums. She told me to take extra good care of my gums.

Certain pregnancy hormones cause the mouth to become more susceptible to bacteria and plaque, leading to more tender gums during pregnancy which can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. Luckily for me, I encountered Gum Alive at the Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016 where I received some samples from them. What caught my eye was their Special Gum Care Toothpaste, well, that and the fact that they awarded with the most innovative product at the event.

Gum Alive is the first Mouth Spa Toothpaste in the Philippines! I was wondering what they meant about mouth spa, according to them, what they mean by spa is that their herbal toothpaste has therapeutic effects. First, it removes the mouth’s bacteria and second, it balances the mouth’s PH level. Those who love eating sweets and at the same time, do not practice good oral hygiene are prone to having acid-loving bacteria in their mouths. Specially formulated with Gum Alive’s patented Bodhical Extract, their toothpaste may even reverse the root cause of your oral problems after prolonged use of their toothpastes.

Actually, hearing that the Gum Alive Mouth Spa toothpaste has no SLS, no parabens and no fluoride really drew me in. I have encountered some other “natural” toothpaste claiming to have no chemicals but some of these actually have a small amount of fluoride. However, the Gum Alive herbal toothpastes have no fluoride at all.

There have only been a couple of instances where I used herbal toothpaste so at first, I was not quite used to the feeling the Gum Alive toothpaste leaves in the mouth. However, after the third or fourth use, I got used to the feeling and I hardly remember what using regular toothpaste feels. I do remember feeling that regular toothpastes (those with a lot of chemicals) always leave my skin with a sort of dry feeling if the toothpaste foam comes into contact with the skin in the chin area.

After brushing my teeth with Gum Alive, my teeth felt squeaky clean and fresh. It is supposed to give you fresh breath lasting up to twelve hours, my breath does not smell strongly minty after using the pink one (special gum care) but my mouth does not emit a foul smell either even after drinking milk (sometimes my breath smells sort of sour when I drink milk so I always brush my teeth after drinking milk). I strongly feel that Gum Alive takes care of my oral health because of the absence of bad breath even after eating something, after all, bad breath breeds from the presence of bacteria in the mouth.

I have been regularly using the special gum care (pink one) because it is perfect for pregnant women and I will be using it for the entire duration of my pregnancy but I have tried the two other variants at least once. The Gum Alive Fresh Breath variant offers a slightly mintier flavor, all three of the variants have a herbal taste but the fresh breath variant, the green one, exudes the mintiest flavor. That said, the fresh breath variant gives your mouth a more noticeably fresher breath as compared to the other two variants. All three of the variants give off very soothing scent, much like the herbal scent you can smell at spas, my room started smelling like a spa after leaving the toothpastes’ caps open. I find that the special gum care variant has the faintest scent among the variants, which makes it even more perfect for pregnant women especially during the period where a lot of smells just bothers you.

After giving birth, I might switch to using the blue one, the natural whitening variant, my teeth became quite yellow/stained after I wore braces in high school. I want to prevent my teeth from even becoming more stained, the natural whitening variant is perfect to use after drinking tea, coffee and carbonated drinks (boy, do I miss drinking carbonated drinks, only less than three months to go!). The Gum Alive toothpaste can last up to three months especially if you follow its instruction of only using a pea-sized amount for every use. You only need a small amount with every use because the toothpaste is already concentrated. By the way, the special gum care variant and the fresh breath variant is colored green, as you can see on the picture above, while the natural whitening variant is colored white.

It felt a bit embarrassed sharing this with you but posted above is a video of me using Gum Alive toothpaste for the first. It was foamier than I expected, I was warned that it would not be that foamy because it contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. I took this video before heading over to the E! Bloggers Ball.

Gum Alive is available at all leading at over 100 Mercury Drugstore branches, and at the following Supermarkets: Cash &Carry, Uni-Mart, Fisher Mall and Makati Supermart in Alabang. You may also order online through their Facebook page. Gum Alive toothpastes are priced at P395 and it comes with a free travel sized toothpaste (only until supplies last). Gum Alive is a product of ERP Wellness Enterprises.

To know more about the product, visit their website at

Now that I have shared with you my experience with Gum Alive herbal toothpaste, the first mouth spa toothpaste in the Philippines, it’s your turn to give it a try! Gum Alive and I have partnered together to bring you this awesome and simple giveaway. It’s also my birth month so the timing is just perfect.
There will be FIVE weekly winners, yup, you heard it right, five weekly winners will each win a regular sized Gum Alive toothpaste (100g) and a travel sized Gum Alive toothpaste (20g) worth P500. Kindly refer to the giveaway image above for the prize. Prize will be claimed at the sponsor’s office but winners can opt to have it shipped to them, given that winner will shoulder the shipping fee. The giveaway will last for a month so that’s 5 weekly winners for 4 weeks, making it a total of 20 winners. However, if a lot of people join, we will be extending the giveaway to another month of weekly winners, so make sure to tell your friends to join!
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4. What kind of charcoal is used in the Natural Whitening variant of Gum Alive toothpaste?
5. Give at least 2 causes of bad breath.
6. What is the natural dental floss in the Special Gum Care variant?
7. What plant extract is good for reduction of inflammation and irritation?
8. What kind of vinegar that is also a good deodorizer in the Fresh Breath variant?
9. What are the 3 Gum Alive variants?
10. What is the first and only mouth spa toothpaste in the Philippines?
11. Why is Gum Alive effective?
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