Ever heard of love poems that start with “Roses are red, Violets are blue”? Whoever came up with this was brilliant whether he or she knew it or not. Here is why, red makes girls extra attractive in the eyes of the opposite gender and it’s purple for guys. Reading between the lines (of the poem) can tell you that maybe wearing red is for girls and wearing purple is for guys. Read more on why you should wear roses for Valentine’s Day.

Put down that tub of ice cream and those bars of chocolates and grab that special V-day outfit that you’ve been saving for ages! Instead of letting that dress collect dust, maybe it’s time to start collecting hearts. Or not. lol. It’s time to stop moping around and being depressed around Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a special someone to celebrate it with. I mean, who needs a boy when you have tons of girl friends who have your back. This is just a motivation mantra by the way, I don’t have anything against men. Wear a red outfit and maybe add some pink to make your look extra fun! Read more on why you should wear a fun outfit on Valentine’s Day.

The bottomline is that having red in your outfit is a sure way to partake in the Valentine’s festivities. But one of the lovelier ways to pull off a red Valentine’s outfit is to add some white in the mix. There must be a reason why most roses come with packaging with white designs or white flowers, right? Read on to find out why wearing a red and white outfit can make your outfit even sweeter.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Final Words
In the end, whether you’re celebrating with your best Valentine’s look or not, your loved one will not mind at all. After all, your friends or your special someone is celebrating it with you and not your outfit, but nevertheless, a little extra nudge will not hurt, right?