After my family insisted that Ajisen Ramen had pretty good ramen, I had to try it out. The first time I went there was with my family. According to them, the soup and the noodles were what made the ramen delicious. The second time I went to eat at Ajisen Ramen was with my friends. This was when I was able to bring my camera to take photos of the food and this was also when my friend helped me take photos of my ZeroUV outfit. What I liked the most about their table setup was how the table and plates’ earthy feel complimented the food served.

Jurassic Roll
Even though I love seafood, I’m pretty iffy about trying certain seafood and this includes trying eels. But since one of my friends recommended that I try it, we decided to share the cost of P395. It was pretty good but a bit too expensive for my wallet. The description of this dish was ebi tempura, crabstick, salmon skin sushi roll topped with grill eel.

Hiyashi Ramen
This was also another dish that my friend recommended and now it has become one of my favorites. Hiyashi Ramen is actually cold ramen. The third time I went here was also with my family. At first my dad wanted to try it but after hearing it was cold ramen, he didn’t want to try it. I think it preferred his ramen hot. This costs P255 and the menu description was cold noodles, tomato, ham, egg, cucumber and crabstick in special ajisen cold noodle sauce.