I Could Lift You Up, I Could Show You What You Wanna See And Take You Where You Wanna Be.
I got a little surprise from Romwe! I think it’s supposed to be a Christmas gift. I and my dog, Bruha, were matchy-matchy with our Romwe beanies. Wearing a beanie can be quite tricky. If you don’t want your hair to be too covered, you have to push it up but if you push it too much, it could end up slipping off. You have to fill up at least half of the beanie (with your head).

Contrary to what you might think, I actually like wearing jeans but sometimes I find wearing a skirt or shorts much more convenient because of the hot weather here in the Philippines. The top I’m wearing here is the comfiest shirt ever. I like how it’s one of those clothes that immediately gets cool when you place it in an air-conditioned room and when you leave the air-conditioned room, it still feels cold.

Romwe black “ROMWE” beanie; Romwe black stretchy long sleeved top; Forever 21 brown high cut boots

In case you were wondering, these photos were taken when it was still a bit chilly here in the Philippines. I wasn’t able to post it immediately since I had to post my Valentine’s Day series first. Oh and the title is from Capital Cities’ song, Safe and Sound!