Never Forget To Live The Moment And Have Fun While You’re At It.

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for couples? Well sorry to break this to you but Single Awareness Day also falls on February 14! Whether you’re celebrating February 14 for Vday or for “SADness”, wearing red is still the way to go! At least it is in my book. Who knows, cupid might see you and give you that much needed help in your love life. Well, cupid is still a guy you know and as I mentioned in my Why You Should Wear Roses on Valentine’s Day post, red makes girls more attractive in the eyes of men.

This outfit is dedicated to all those single ladies out there who will be celebrating Single Awareness Day with their gal pals. Now repeat after me, “Cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye, I will stop moping around and start celebrating Single Awareness Day with my girlfriends instead of partaking in Anti-Valentine’s Day with my icecream and chocolates.” Yes, that’s exactly why I wore my cross my heart sunglasses in this outfit. It’s to emphasize my point.

Dresses are usually the classic choice for girls in a relationship celebrating Valentine’s Day. But for those who are celebrating SAD, why not opt for a more fun look? Add some red and maybe some pink and maybe some girly details here and there to make your SAD look turn upside down into a fun look! Remember, only people who actually want to have some fun can have some fun. It won’t hurt to show that you want to have some fun, right?

As per tradition, I’m here to introduce to you a new online shop. You might of heard of SammyDress before, so you would probably know that they offer quality items at factory price. If you must insist on have free shipping, fret not because they have prepared a section of numerous products offering free shipping. As for my experience, their shipping was on time and the products have arrived safe and sound. I had two items from SammyDress, the first one is this pink scallop shorts. I find it absolutely lovely. At first, I thought that this was a skirt judging from the product photos but in actuality, I was a pair of shorts that was designed to look like a skirt. And like I mentioned before, scallop hems are my type. It makes my outfits look extra lovely so you can expect that I’ll be wearing this a lot in my outfit post.

Wholesale Celebshades pink cross my heart hope to die circle sunglasses; Romwe red “16 Aberration” watermelon print crop top; Sammydress pink high waist tiered scallop hem skirt shorts; pink bow belt; red vintage layered socks; pink peep toe pumps