My parents bought another Ensogo deal and this time it’s a deal from Alba Spanish Restaurant’s Spanish buffet. We got the lunch buffet for P350 which was valued P715. The Alba Restaurant branch we went to was the one in Pasay City. It was on the fourth floor of Two E-Com Center at the Mall of Asia Complex.

Alba has 18 different kinds of paella. I don’t know which kind they had for their buffet though. The one in their buffet had shrimp, mussels and egg as shown in the picture above.

They also had lechon or roasted pig which was already sliced into pieces for convenience.

Quail Egg
I found their quail egg’s plating nice. Too bad I was not able to show it to you with the plate full. It was decorated with green pepper, red pepper and a tomato.

Chicken Strips
Chicken breast sliced into strips, garnished with cubed red pepper and green pepper and sliced cucumber on the sides. It tastes better with the sauce.

Tabla Embutidos
Tabla embutidos is Alba’s homemade cold cuts: pamplona, mortadela and salchichon. Try taking one of each of the three types of cold cuts and roll them together. You could also eat it with one of the three dips below.

Gambas Pate; Tomate, Ajo, Acelte De Oliva; Quezo Pate
Gambas pate is shrimp paste. Tomate, ajo and acelte de oliva is tomato, garlic and olive oil which is also known as salsa. Quezo Pate is cheese paste.

Dip the crackers in one of the three dips.

Spanish Omelette
Omelette with potatoes inside.

Gelatin With Fruit
Gelatin in a cup with cherry or lychee.

Mixed Fruits
They had watermelon, papaya and pineapple. Just like what I said in my Tong Yang food roundup, fruits are a good way to end a meal.

Dulche De Leche
I wasn’t able to take note of the name of this dish. It’s like leche flan.

Food For The Gods
Food for the gods with walnut inside. This is one of my and my family’s favorite desserts.

Matchy-matchy with the curtains? Like I said in my Fiesta Time outfit, this was outside Alba Restaurant.