Now that you know that wearing red for Valentine’s Day helps make you look attractive, what if you don’t want to come on too strong? Pairing red with white is the way to go! There must be a reason why the roses that people sell have been incorporated with white designs such as lace, white polka dots on the wrapper of the bouquet and even small white flowers as part of the arrangement for the rose bouquet. In my opinion, evening out the white and red can make your outfit look even lovelier.

If your outfit is similar to mine with a somewhat fifty percent red and fifty percent white combination, I do recommend wearing the white and red outfit during the day. It is perfect for a lunch date, a stroll in the park or maybe a picnic. If you must know, I have this mindset because I find that the whiteness of my dress is makes my outfit look brighter and brings out the loveliness of the outfit when the light shines upon it but it is not too much that the white is able to overshadow the attractiveness of the color red of the outfit.

You might be wondering why I didn’t use roses for this picture. I was thinking that the rose would overpower my outfit since I’m already wearing red. What I did was to match the sunflower design of the dress with the bouquet of flowers I’m holding. I didn’t buy sunflowers because they would also overshadow my outfit. I handpicked some flowers from a nearby flower shop on the side of the road and (messily) arranged them to my liking. This is what I would have worn for Valentine’s Day if I had the chance to celebrate it.

If you want to know about my dress then read on. I chose this dress because it looked lovely and I thought it was perfect for Valentine’s Day and every other occasion that requires me to wear red lol. The sleeve can be pulled back to make it look puffy and you can tie a bow on the side of the dress for a sweeter look. You don’t need to wear a camisole inside this dress since the sheer fabric is lined with a thicker white fabric except for the sleeves area.The sunflower print looks like polka dots from afar but nonetheless, it is still pretty even if it looks like polka dots.

By the way, I told you last outfit post that I would tell you my Vday experience. I didn’t go to school today because I don’t have classes during Fridays but I did have my Junior Engagement Program (JEEP). I spent my Valentine’s Day in Citizen Disaster Response Center and in the Philippine National Railways (PNR). It was my first time riding a train here in the Philippines! My first time riding a train was in China when I went for a study tour during my elementary days. The experience of riding a train here was surprisingly nice. Actually, it’s somewhat similar to riding the LRT or the MRT since the setup was pretty much the same. It was airconditioned and had clean seats and those triangular things hooked on a bar for standing passengers to hold on to. The only difference was that the train could take you far for a short amount of time. I think for our trip, we went from Espanya to Tutuban for 10 pesos in 10 minutes. As for Valentine’s Day gifts, well my friend did give me some food so it’s all good lol.

Sammydress red and white sheer pleated dress; bow tied hat; red vintage socks; white pointy heel