I and my family ate at Xin Wang for desserts right after we ate at Wham! Burgers. I separated the food posts but both photo sets were taken at the same day. Xin Wang can be found somewhere in Mall of Asia, Pasay near IMAX theater.

Special Mango Snow Ice
Honestly, I think my parents ordered this because they thought it looked unique and appealing. My family must have really liked it because I was only able to sneak a bite. It reminds me of the shaved iced street food found in Japan. My only complaint is that I wanted more ice cream with it but other than that I liked it.

Fresh Beancurd
I had to cover the container with the lid since my family already took a scoop from the taho (beancurd).

And because my family really liked their taho, they ordered seconds and thirds. As a result, I was able to retake the pictures to my heart’s content. I stopped eating taho because I didn’t need excess protein since I stopped training for running and swimming. But as my parents pointed out, minsan minsan lang naman eh (“it’s just sometimes” or “it’s not like it’s always”). So yeah, because of the temptation of the sweet syrup and chewy sago, I ended up having three servings. Whoops.

This photo was taken last year. If my memory serves me right, it was around the time when I had just finished my exams which explains the squinty look. Anyway, sorry for the photo’s weird color palette. I don’t know why but I couldn’t fix it. I’m wearing the shirt I wore on my Once Upon A Time outfit.