The City Never Looked So Bright.
Here’s another late post. This was taken before I lost a bit of my holiday fats. This was also around the time after New Year’s but before school started and before I got my hair fixed. Which means I was still in my festive mode, hence the title “Fiesta Time”. Well that and because this dress gives off a feeling of fiesta because of the colors that was used for the tiered skirt which is also the reason why I wore this dress to Alba restaurant, a Spanish themed restaurant. The second picture in this post was taken outside of Alba restaurant.

This dress consists of two pieces. The first piece is a dress with a sleeveless camisole type as the top and a colorful tiered skirt as the bottom. The second is a lace crop top. The two pieces are not sewn together and can be worn separately.

Romwe brown lace and colorful tiered dress; Accessorize brown and white feather earcuffs; brown vintage layered socks; nude pumps