We ate at Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City. I don’t know the specific name of the dishes that they ordered so I might have labeled them inaccurately. My favorite was the roasted suckling pig and the wrapped roast duck with hoisin sauce. The dress I’m wearing here is from Forget About The Sunshine, the coat is from Lady in Pastels and the necklace from I Feel Fluffy.

Roasted Suckling Pig
Their roasted suckling pig had lemon, jellyfish and cucumber as sides. They also came with these round and flat siopao dough. It’s really tasty if you eat them together.

Bamboo Shoot Soup
I usually find this type of soup lacking in taste. I add black vinegar sauce since that’s what my cousin taught me to do to give it an extra flavor.

Vegetables And Seafood In A Noodle Basket
By the time it was my turn to take my share, the shrimp was all gone. The last picture shows what was left when my turn came. My cousin and I tried tasting the noodle basket but we ended up not finishing it since the noodle tasted a bit stale. It’s probably for decorative use only.

Here are some of Legend’s staff. They’re preparing the wraps for the next dish.

Roasted Suckling Pig Wrap In Hoisin Sauce
Not too sure if this is pig or duck since restaurants usually use duck for this dish. They had chicaron for the side dish.

Eel And Abalone
I’m really unsure about what this dish is called or what is has, for that matter. But I’m pretty sure it’s seafood.

Beef With Potato And Carrots Wrapped In Cabbage
I like the crunchiness of this dish. They had the white uncooked noodle for extra crunchiness on the side in addition to the crunchy cabbage.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu
Here’s another yummy dish. The steamed fish is so soft and it blends well with the sauce they have.

My favorite part is the pincer since I find it to be the easiest part to crack open. One time, the entire shell fell off after I cracked it with the shell cracker. Talk about lucky, right?

Misua With Quail Egg
I love misua because of the quail egg lol. This was topped with egg, shrimp, chicken and some vegetables.

Taro Puff With Black Sesame
I was able to sneak some shots before they served the dishes to the other tables. I’m not too sure if it was black sesame that was in the center of the taro puff but I do remember it being yummy.

Fruit Puree
Last, but not least, fruits in puree. By fruits, I mean cherries and mangoes. Well, I’m not quite sure if it was mango or peaches but the puree tasted like mango puree.